Vericōz by Beauté de Paris Contains Vitamin K to Promote the Reduced Appearance of Varicose Veins

Vitamin K Promotes Improved Microcirculation and Increased Vascular Strength, Says Research

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Long Island, NY – According to the findings of a study published in the Journal of Vascular Research, vitamin K deficiency may cause a condition called varicosis, or varicose veins. Vitamin K deficiency in the body can inhibit the activity of the matrix GLA protein, which in turn, adversely impacts microcirculation by damaging vascular health. Vericoz, by Beauté de Paris, contains Phytotonine (vitamin K).

Vericoz vein formula is designed with ingredients that are known to promote the reduced appearance of varicose veins and spider veins by supporting and promoting vascular health. Phytotonine (vitamin K) derived from the various ingredients in this vein formula like Arnica montana flower extract, Cupressus sempervirens seed extract, and Polygonatum multiflorum extract improves microcirculation, is thought to strengthen the walls of the veins and the capillary vessels, and decrease the appearance of redness in the affected area.

In addition to Phytotonine, Vericoz contains Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone thought to prevent leaking from the veins and lower the filtration rate of the capillaries to lessen the amount of blood flowing near the surface of the skin; these reduce the look of dark bluish discoloration under the skin. Vericōz also contains Ruscus extract that has been known to improve circulation; Darutoside that possesses potent healing, regenerating, and anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve the skin’s tone and texture; and Esculin thought to strengthen the capillaries and improve their functioning.

When used regularly, morning and night, in the manner recommended—warming a quarter-sized amount of the formula between the palms and applying gently to the affect area till it is absorbed—Vericoz, as shown in ingredient testing, is designed to promote decreased appearance of spider veins and varicose veins over time.

Vericoz can be purchased at Beauté de Paris, A single jar costs $79.99 while two jars can be bought for $129.99. There are exclusive online offers and discounts of up to 70%, and a money back guarantee on all purchases.

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