Savon Blanc, High Quality Decorative Soaps, Retains Novi-based Shazaaam! Public Relations

Savon Blanc, the Bloomfield Hills-based designer of high-quality decorative soaps and body products, has chosen Shazaaam! Public Relations, of Novi, MI, as advisors for its public relations, marketing and social media marketing and initiatives.

Online PR News – 13-June-2012 – Bloomfield Hills, MI – Savon Blanc was established by Palombo in 2004, when she was working at a high-end linen store. She had over heard the store owners, upon returning from a trade show, say they had not found the unique, special soap for their store they had been in search of. Palombo had told them she had “a friend” who made decorative soaps. Secretly, Palombo had been producing soaps as a hobby in her kitchen. Upon seeing her work, Savon Blanc was born and was put amongst the other products in the store. The line has since expanded to include bath and shower gels, body lotions, and scented beads.

Several years ago, Palombo had met with Adrienne Lenhoff and her staff at Shazaaam!, but as the business continued to grow, Palombo decided it was the right time to reconnect with Lenhoff and discuss the direction for Savon Blanc's growth. Shazaaam! was chosen as their PR advisor since they use a combination of online social media, PR, startegic partnerships, and traditional advertising in their marketing strategy – a more well-rounded approach.

“My soaps and body products offer customers affordable luxury that will delight their sense. I consider each a work of art that is made exclusively for those who appreciate quality and natural beauty,” said Carole Palombo, founder of Savon Blanc. “I found that the team at Shazaaam! would treat my product and its future with as much care as I put into each item.”

About Savon Blanc

Savon Blanc decorative soaps and body products nourish the skin, while making the senses come alive through beautiful designs, soft pastel colors, and subtle fragrances. Their bath and body products are handcrafted from the highest quality ingredients, allowing customers to experience beauty and luxury at an affordable price. The entire collection are made to order and each product is individually designed and carefully wrapped by hand. The selection of various fragrances and essential oils that are used in making their soaps and bath products is of great importance, and is reflected in the quality of their packaging.

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