Florida Arrests and Georgia Arrests Now Deleted by RemoveMyMug.com

If a person is listed on one of the arrests.org websites, RemoveMyMug.com is excited to announce they are now offering full removal.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Atlanta Georgia – One of the largest online mugshot removal vendors, RemoveMyMug.com announces they will now be including the arrests.org websites in their list of websites they remove from. RemoveMyMug.com is a leader in online mugshot removal and has helped thousands of clients remove their arrest records and information from the Internet. The website is excited to announce they will now be removing mugshots from sites like Florida.arrests.org, Georgia.arrests.org and many others. “Many of our clients had mugshots on other websites, we decided we needed to branch out to help our clients.” Said a spokes person for the company.

It can be very difficult if not impossible to track down who owns these different mugshot websites often times they use private registration or fake information.

The business of publishing public records on the Internet has exploded over the last few years. Companies are collecting public information and using it on their own websites to profit from this information. Unfortunately most people don’t want their information displayed on the Internet, especially not arrest records and mugshot pictures. So what is someone suppose to do who has found their mugshot or private information on the Internet? Google recommends contacting the website administrator to get records removed. Often times many of these websites are owned by offshore companies or individuals.

A spokes person at RemoveMyMug.com talks about the difficulties in tracking down website operators. “It can be very difficult if not impossible to track down who owns these different mugshot websites, often times they use private registration or fake information.”

RemoveMyMug.com is a service based company designed to help individuals eliminate these public records. When someone can’t get something removed off the Internet on their own, removemymug.com will step in and take the necessary steps to get those records removed from Google and all the other major search engines.
Some sheriff’s websites have been displaying mugshot records publicly for close to 10 years, it’s only in the past 2 or 3 years that private companies started accessing this data and using search engine optimization techniques to make it more visible in the search engines.

The use of public mugshots is not a new business. Print mugshot publications have been around for decades. Local papers in many counties have been publishing mugshots of arrested citizens for years. The difference with online mugshot records is they typically stay on the Internet for ever unless an action is taken to remove it. Often times having your mugshot expunged or case sealed isn’t enough, the record will already be displayed online and new action will need to be taken to remove it. RemoveMyMug.com is services designed for helping people remove these mugshots.

RemoveMyMug.com is a mugshot removal company that helps people erase their past and move forward with their future.

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