Renowned Nutritionist Warns of Dangerous Side Effects associated with Cholesterol-Lowering Meds

Robert Haas, creator of the Reprogram Yourself® plan, says that America’s second most prescribed medication can do more harm than good.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – New York, NY – According to Robert Haas, creator of (, a website that offers members a personalized approach to near-effortless weight loss, fitness, and better health through its Reprogram Yourself ® Plan, Zocor (Simvastatin), the second-most-prescribed drug in the United States, is a statin prescribed by doctors to patients who need to lower their cholesterol. Unfortunately, Zocor, first introduced in 1991 by Merck as an effective medication for treating high cholesterol, can be quite dangerous and even deadly.

“Many patients taking Zocor have ended up with other serious ailments which have been directly linked to use of the cholesterol-lowering drug,” Haas says. “Side effects include an increased risk in developing rhabdomyolysis, a muscle disease, and diabetes.”

Haas says that Zocor has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels in patients by up to 36 percent. The drug has been so successful that half of all statin prescriptions written in the United States are for Zocor or a generic version of the drug.

“Merck’s patent for the drug expired in 2006, which allowed competitors to release generic versions of the medication,” Haas explains, “but the brand name has continued to benefit from high recognition.”

Regardless of its popularity, Haas says that patients were reporting rhabdomyolysis side effects years earlier and in 2001, Merck was forced to update Zocor’s warning label to alert patients of the drugs dangerous side effects.

“Many patients have filed lawsuits against Merck, claiming that the drug caused muscle injury and saying that Merck did not warn them strongly enough of how dangerous and common the side effects could be,” Haas explains. “In 2011, the FDA recommended that physicians discontinue prescribing the 80 milligram dosage of Zocor to patients because it heightened the risk of side effects.”

Haas says that Zocor is not the only statin that has been known to cause such side effects. Makers of other statins, such as Crestor and Lipitor, have been accused of downplaying dangerous side effects. ( is a website dedicated to offering its members a personalized approach to near-effortless weight loss, super fitness, and optimized health through its Reprogram Yourself® plan, developed by world-renowned nutritionist and number-one bestselling author, Robert Haas. Haas is best known for his groundbreaking work in helping Ivan Lendl and Martina Navratilova each dominate men’s and women’s professional tennis and for helping such celebrity clients as Cher, Mike Nichols, and Glenn Frey overcome serious health challenges.

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