Keyless Access Control Systems Are Now Available for High Tech Industries

High tech industries are in high demand of affordable keyless access control systems to regulate entry into their most protected areas.

Online PR News – 13-June-2012 – 06/11/2012 – Keyless Access Control Systems now allow businesses to safely protect rooms that need restricted access. The high tech industry is welcoming the Fospat Access Solutions product with open arms as it presents a viable way to allow keyless entry into data centres, server rooms and many other protected areas. The high tech field ranges throughout a variety of different industries.

Keyless access systems allow employees to access the secured rooms through a pocket sized tag that can be carried on a key chain. This tag has a transmitter built into the device that interacts with the receiver, which is built into the door of the secured room. The product has revolutionized the way businesses protect their assets and it has increased productivity tremendously. Prior to keyless access, most rooms were secured through traditional methods such as being locked shut. The only way to access these rooms was through a key, similar to how we enter our homes. As you can imagine, this slowed productivity severely, especially for businesses that needed to access the room repeatedly throughout the day.

The keyless access system presented by Fospat Access Solutions has a very quick release mechanism and is essentially vandal proof. The only way the secured room can be accessed is with the tag transmitter. The tag never comes in contact with the locking mechanism, the signal is transmitted automatically when you are close to the door. This provides a an entry system that is effortless and does not need a key or number system.

The tag should only be provided to employees that are highly trusted. However, in case there is any problem with an employee, there is a very simple operation that can remove access rights from a tag at any given time. This feature is critical if an employee were to lose their tag. Additionally, the tags can also be adjusted to open more than one door. If you are using keyless access to multiple areas of the business, tag rights can be assigned by groups to allow different levels of access to certain areas.

High tech industries have a lot to gain from the Fospat keyless access control system. In order for businesses to operate at maximum efficiency, downtime has to be minimized so that employees can get to the areas they need to immediately. By using a keyless entry system, you give employees that need access immediate entry into the most critical areas of your business. Of course, security should always be reinforced with additional protective measures such as audio and video recorders. As a business operating in a technical field, the data and products you work with are very valuable and should be protected as so. Keyless access systems present a simple and easy solution that is low maintenance and perfectly suited toward high tech fields.