IP Leanware Lets Its Latest Offbeat Opus Loose On The Industry The Adventurers of the Lost Stability

The latest episode of "Billion Dollar Factory", IP Leanware’s madcap web-marketing project, is about to grace your screens. Here is where the larger-than-life character of one of the IP Leanware coaches is about to leave its stamp on a plant of the Billion Dollar Factory.

Online PR News – 14-June-2012 – United States – This second episode homes into one of the Billion Dollar Factory plants in the grip of troubled times. Its production is disrupted and unstable and despite performance holding up, it's one crisis after another. With the head of the plant, Hugh O'Boss, worried and only making matters worse, it's time to call in IP Leanware.

So Mark Hetting and Mike Oach come to rescue the lost stability and get the Billion Dollar Factory back on its feet. In an Indiana Jones-style setting and with the assistance of the collaborative performance management platform, Braincube, these quirky characters of IP Leanware are bent on tapping back into the former high performance practices in an attempt to make them systematic.

This episode showcases the new Braincube approach which sifts through the plant's historical data in order to pinpoint its best performance practices, with the precious aid of the Hypercube analysis. This powerful cloud-based analysis tool can be accessed via any web-linked computer. Braincube is therefore a collaborative web-application aimed at boosting industrial process control.

Discover The Raiders of Lost Stability part two of the Billion Dollar Factory web series with a geeky fun take on a French modern-day Indy in search of the lost stability.

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