Garage Built Chopper Ride-in Bike Show @ Smoke Out 13

Ride-in bike show to showcase choppers, bobbers, Swedish Chops and Rock-a-Billy Chops at the June 23, 2012 Smoke Out 13.

Online PR News – 13-June-2012 – Durham, NC – On Saturday, June 23, 2012 the Smoke Out is host to the greatest ride in owner-garage-built-ride-in-bike-show in the world. This bike show has only one class: CHOPPER.

Choppers of all varieties are represented, bobbers, Swedish Chops, Rock-a-Billy Chops, etc. as well as various engine configurations such as Sportsters, metric engines, Shovelheads, Evos… everything.

The HORSE, BC staff picks TEN winners. There is no First, Second, Third etc. just TEN winners. All winners are featured in the pages of The HORSE Backstreet Choppers Magazine. These ten bikes usually represent a variety of styles and engine configurations, so every well-built chopper has a chance. One winner of 10 will receive a 3-Guyz Springer front end for their effort.

This is a ride-in show. The quickest way to discredit your chopper is to tow it in. Registration for the show will be during the Smoke Out at the Smoke House. The location and times for registration will be shown on the event schedules that are handed out at the event.

There is a small entrance fee for registration. Some contact information and pictures of your bike will be taken as part of the registration process. Your bike will need to stay in place Saturday afternoon so you might want to plan on having lunch on the grounds if your bike is your only source of transportation.

Good luck to all the Chopper Jockeys. The Smoke Out information is located at