The Extractor Rescue Blade Will Not Chip Or Shatter Under Any Circumstance

First choice by many Fire Departments, SWAT teams, Special OPS and Firefighters is "The Extractor" fire rescue blade. Read more about this lifesaving, reliable, 'never fail' fire rescue blade.

Online PR News – 13-June-2012 – Delray Beach, FL – Fire Rescue Blades of Delray Beach, Inc. is a leader in firefighting saws and rescue saw blades and is proud to showcase The Extractor rescue blade, a true all-purpose diamond rescue blade that fits all K12 and gas cut-off saws. It's the most innovative, effective and long-lasting blade available on the market today. This fire rescue blade is engineered from a steel core with industrial-strength cutting diamonds vacuum brazed to the edge.

Unlike traditional laser-welded diamond blades, THE EXTRACTOR Blade does not have pieces that break or fly off, making it the safest, most dependable, long lasting rescue blade in use. It has never been outperformed by any blade on the market, EVER! And, it's extremely affordable.

The trade marked THE EXTRACTOR Blade is only available from Fire Rescue Blades Of Delray Beach, Inc. via It is ideal for use in the extrication of victims of vehicle accidents or from structural collapses. It cuts extremely fast through metal or concrete, even concrete reinforced with steel re-bar. The EXTRACTOR blade cuts these materials quickly and easily without breaking or shattering like many other blades on the market.

THE EXTRACTOR Blade is an all-purpose diamond saw blade, and functions well for any type of cutting application. Whether it is iron, stainless steel, concrete and re-bar, plywood, 2x4s, hurricane glass, security glass, roof ventilation material and much more, this blade will cut through it all with great speed and ease. These blades are incredibly durable, making them much more economical than traditional blades. Tested by top professionals under the most extreme cutting conditions, THE EXTRACTOR is durability and versatility and has proven safety record.

THE EXTRACTOR Blade is available in many diameter sizes for all types of gas cut-off saws and K-12 rescue saws, as well as angle grinders and die grinders. With such a large variety of diameter sizes available, you are sure to find the ideal way to handle your application, no matter how extreme. No matter what you need a superior quality cutting blade for, you are encouraged to check out the new leader in rescue blades first, on the web at

Because these blades are ideal for nearly all types of cutting applications, Fire Rescue Blades is honored that there are agencies around the world that depend on THE EXTRACTOR Blades daily to accomplish their mission. These agencies include innumerable fire departments throughout the US as well as around the globe, NORAD-Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Fire Services, ICE, the US Embassy in Cairo, the US State Department, Triple Canopy Worldwide Security- Iraq, Edge Energy in the UK, the Caribbean Strike Force Unit in Puerto Rico, U.S. Navy Fire Services, US Army Aviation Group - Reno, NV, Texas Ranger SWAT team and many others. These high quality, high tech blades are not available in any store and can only be purchased from Fire Rescue Blades Of Delray Beach, Inc. online.

With a proven track record that is unsurpassed, these blades will not fail, and have never been out-performed by any other all-purpose diamond blade on the market at any price, ever! If you need a high quality, high tech saw blade that will not fail, will not chip and will not come apart, visit today. For more information about this valuable blade, contact or call 561-702-0653.