Neff Associates Announces Advertising Services Via Print Television And Radio

Neff Associates has the creative and strategic knowledge to determine when a client’s message would best be portrayed visually.

Online PR News – 13-June-2012 – Philadelphia – Neff Associates has the creative and strategic knowledge to determine when a client’s message would best be portrayed visually. In this digital age, print media still offers a sense of credibility that the Internet does not. The loyal readership of this geo-targeted audience also explains why print media is one of the oldest, yet most effective forms of advertising today.
From national newspapers to local magazines, the plethora of print options can be overwhelming. Neff Associates’ Media Department will choose the right medium for any brand. Neff Advertising Companies in Atlantic City has the connections and resources to get premier placement in any publications that specifically fit a client's budget and needs.
Television allows a person to convey their message to the largest, most diverse audience by combining sight, sound, and motion. Neff Associates knows that with this fairly more expensive medium, it is crucial to make every penny count. In order to create the maximum impact with a television campaign, Neff Associates’ Media and Creative Teams will handcraft a spot that highlights a brand in the most unique and effective way.
Neff Associates has the resources to guarantee that it is produced with the highest quality and that a campaign schedule is both strategic and cost-effective. Neff’s Media Team has the knowledge and ability to choose the stations that will benefit their brand the most.
Radio is a fast, affordable, and effective medium for reaching a specific demographic within a given market. Neff Associates’ Media Department has the experience and ability to craft a powerful yet cost-effective radio schedule that will have their target audience really listening to the message.
In addition to traditional radio, the Neff Associates Media Team also specializes in securing distinctive sponsorship opportunities that
Neff Associates’ Media and Creative Teams work hand-in-hand to produce unique and compelling radio spots, which are designed to deliver memorable messages that are sure to remain ingrained in the minds of listeners.
About The Company
At Neff Associates Graphic Design Companies in Philadelphia, their mission is to make a brand look good. They are a results-driven, award-winning group of creative thinkers that provide cost-effective marketing solutions to their clients.
Neff Associates advertising agencies in Philadelphia is a one-stop shop for all marketing needs. They put their creative spark, attention to detail, and commitment to customer service into every project whether it’s large or small. Virtually all of their cost effective and hard-hitting services are provided in house, including:
• Creative Services
• Strategic Media Planning & Buying
• Public Relations
• Social Media
• Special Events
Neff Associates welcomes everybody to browse their creative + publicity samples. They'll find that their client roster is as diverse as their talents, with many of their clients concentrated in the areas of retail, hospitality/tourism/destination marketing, business-to-business, and real estate. If people like what they see or want to know more about NA, just visit them at

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