The Music Industry is Falling Apart, But InTransit Audio Doesn't Care

San Diego's InTransit Audio is facing an uncertain music industry for their new music. The release of "When The Screws Came Loose" will be a test of their new attitude towards selling music.

Online PR News – 28-February-2010 – – (San Diego, Ca) — “Not only can we work at our own pace, but we get to cook our own food as we do it.” Jack Taylor explains as he slices onions for something cooking on the stove. “We also saved ourselves close to $20,000, which is always nice.” Jack is not only a chef but the keyboardist and trumpet player for InTransit Audio. The group of San Diego transplants recorded their first full length album only a few feet from where he’s cooking dinner, and that album “When The Screws Came Loose” is ready for release April 2nd 2010 after 9 months of work.

“It’s a huge accomplishment, being able to say with complete honesty that we have done this all on our own. Not many bands could have pulled this off the way that we have.” Adam Feuerman strums his guitar as he talks and smiles as he reminisces about the road to completing the album. “There are always bumps in the road while working closely with other creative individuals, and there were some serious moments during this recording process, but (laughing) it looks like we all made it.” The five piece band also features Mike Panagoulias, Dave Milton, and MC Charles Robeson.

There is no shortage of distress coming from the music industry as fans choose different, and sometimes illegal, ways of obtaining music. Labels and musicians alike have been struggling to make money in this rapidly changing landscape. InTransit Audio has responded with a smaller scale operation to help their fans reach their music. “We know many of our fans wont buy the music, so we’re willing to try different things. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t shared music, myself included, in fact we want people to share our music! But we have to try and make something in return- so we’re offering our fans other ways to support our music. We have a solid plan to make back all the money we’ve spent on When The Screws Came Loose within three months.” Explains Brandon Halvorson who takes care of the business for band.

“We named the album “When The Screws Came Loose” because that’s what happened. We put our lives on hold and poured everything we had into this project.” – Jack Taylor

The album “When The Screws Came Loose” can best be described as a journey through musical styles ranging from modern rock (Let Me Go), dark jazz (Space Carpet), dub-rock (relapse) and trippy instrumentals (Willow). The early reviews from the album have been overwhelmingly positive, as have the response for their $1 Album Pre-Sale, where fans can download the full album via the bands website for only $1. “We had no idea we’d get such a great response, even my mom bought one.” claims Taylor.

InTransit Audio has a number of shows planned through the month of March, including a live web broadcast with two other San Diego bands, Science Fiction and Guava Belly, March 13th via their website. That same website will also be posting content daily including video shot during the recording of the album. The month will culminate with a private party downtown San Diego on April 2nd to mark the official release of the album.

The band is excited to meet the world at large through their first release, but after that it’s back to the studio.

“We’ve already have half of another album ready to go, so I can’t wait to do it all over again.” – Adam Feuerman

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