Houston DWI Lawyer Offers Instant Help for Those Charged in Texas

Working with a qualified Houston DWI lawyer can help drivers avoid costly penalties and even possible jail time.

Online PR News – 13-June-2012 – 09/11/2012 – The Martinez Law Firm, a Houston DWI Lawyer, is pleased to announce it offers instant help via telephone for those who are facing charges under Texas driving while intoxicated laws. Those who are charged with DUI in Houston are often best served by getting legal advice as soon as possible after being charged by authorities.

It is common knowledge that a conviction on DUI charges in Texas can result in severe penalties, fees, and other far-reaching consequences. What is not so commonly known is that in Texas a DWI arrest results in two types of cases being filed against the driver. There is, of course, the criminal charge, but there is also another civil charge which is known as ALR (Administrative License Revocation) proceeding that takes place. To minimize, or eliminate these charges, drivers should consider working with an experienced Houston DWI lawyer.

While there are several consequences a driver can face if convicted of driving while intoxicated, some of the more common include restriction or loss of a driver's license, higher vehicle insurance rates, expensive fines, court costs, a Driver's License Surcharge of between $3,000.00 and $6,000.00, and the possibility of jail time. Again, working with a reliable Houston DWI attorney can help drivers.

Under Texas law, the County Attorney only needs to prove in court that the driver was not able to drive in a "normal" capacity. For many of those charged with DWI, simply understanding the law and the possible penalties can be confusing and challenging. A Houston DWI lawyer can help you get the information that you need fast.

The Martinez Law Firm is able to assist drivers as those drivers move through the legal process. They will investigate and challenge the pending charges. They understand the serious nature of this type of situation and are able to help with the stresses associated with a DWI arrest. And they are able to answer your questions in a timely manner, and in a manner that you will understand. All of this is critical to protecting your legal rights under the law.

It is always important when faced with criminal charges of any type that being charged with a crime is not the same as being found guilty of those charges. A qualified Houston DWI lawyer can present your case in court, defend your rights, and insist that the County Attorney abide by the rules of law and that he provide all of his or her evidence against you in order to refute those allegations, if appropriate. It is also important to understand that a Houston DWI lawyer may be able to have your sentence reduced if you are found guilty of the charges.

If you need the assistance of a Houston DWI lawyer, consider contacting The Martinez Law Firm. By working with experienced, qualified attorneys, those charged with DWI will be able to prepare and present their case in the best possible way. This can help drivers avoid severe penalties, fees, and possible jail time.