Midland Air Tools Has Launched A New Ecommerce Website In The UK

Midland air tools has launched a brand new website to serve the UK and surrounding areas, their products and services are priced competitively and are available online.

Online PR News – 12-June-2012 – Norton Canes, Staffordshire – air tools have proven themselves superior over battery and electric powered tools. Midland Air Tools agrees, that's why they launched a new ecommerce website for their beloved customers located in the United Kingdom. Their UK store is backed by a full workshop that consists of skilled staff members that are able to work on and repair air tools. Additionally, their air tools are supported by a free collection service that provides pickup to the Midlands and all surrounding areas. If you're looking to upscale your business and invest in high quality and high powered air tools, the company has launched a new website to serve the UK.

Air tools are available for a variety of different industries. No matter what business you're in, or whether you're just looking for some high powered equipment to accomplish home renovation tasks, Midland Ait Tools's new website has covered the bases. Among their classic tools you will find high impact wrenches, ratchets, and grinders. All of these tools are very effective and much more efficient when supported by air, opposed to electrically powered. The new website also covers a variety of other tools including screwdrivers, hammers, sanders & polishers, and some speciality tools as well. If you need a custom solution, the company also provides free quotes on their products.

Not everything at the new website is air tools, there is also a small selection of electric and cordless tools. Although there are only a few at the moment, we fully expect the availability of these products to grow as the site ages. Cordless tools are excellent options if you are working in confined spaces or needing something portable. The only downside of a cordless tool is battery life. Remember, cordless tools need constant upkeep when it comes to charging batteries. It's a good idea to purchase an additional battery or two so you can have one charging while using the other.

Air powered tools are highly preferred among businesses that carry out construction or repair tasks on a day-to-day basis. Air tools are used by some of the most professional companies in the world, including Nascar. The speed at which air tools can reach, in terms of rotations per minute for products like impact wrenches and screwdrivers is far beyond what is capable in retail priced electric tools. Midland Air Tools designed their website to appeal to companies that are looking to fit out their shop. With tools starting under a hundred pounds, there are tools to meet any size budget.

The tools are professionally made and manufactured by original parts. As a 5 star distributor, Midland Air Tools have earned a strong reputation for their parts and labour. Repairs on air tools also carry a three month warranty after purchasing, so you are fully covered if the problem persists. The company is focused on presenting products to businesses that are not only affordable, but supported by a good company that cares about their clients. Their move to provide air tools online in the UK has been a proud decision for Midland Air Tools Ltd.