Folder Lock 7.1.0 launched, boasting a User-friendly interface and enhanced security.

Overall the new version of Folder Lock 7.1.0 is more user-friendly, thanks to its visual based instructions and some added options that make securing your files easier and more convenient.

Online PR News – 13-June-2012 – Beaverton – Beaverton — June 10, 2012 — With a user friendly interface and enhanced security features, Folder Lock version 7.1.0 has officially been launched into the consumer market and is now available to download and purchase. The new version is considerably easier to use with improved visual interface geared towards the average user in mind.

Changes made to ‘Online Backup’ Option:
The first and foremost change you’ll notice in the backup online feature is the phrase ‘Back up online’ has been replaced by the phrase ‘Secured Backup’ The interface for the file backup feature contains more images and less text instructions. Another major change done administratively is that the user no longer has to log-out from his secured backup account in order to access or add files from a different location. With the new system you can simply log-in with your secured backup credentials, add files to be uploaded and still be able to access you’re backed up files by logging in from a different computer.

Changes made to ‘Protect USB/CD’ and File Encryption Options:
The new version of Folder Lock 7.1.0 gives you the option to create a new locker directly into your USB storage device, along with the original option to create your exiting lockers into portable lockers and transfer them to your USB storage device.

Changes made to Encrypt Files:
To make encrypted lockers more manageable, ‘Edit options’ on the ‘Encrypt Files’ interface has been changed. Under a single button, users have the option of change their password, Rename their locker, copy their locker, move their locker, delete their locker or remove their lockers from the list.

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