Yasmin Lawsuits Increasing, but Could Take Five Years to Resolve

The tide of Yasmin lawsuits is gaining strength as more women come forward with serious health problems caused by this popular birth control drug.

Online PR News – 27-February-2010 – – In a growing number of states, now including Indiana, yasmin lawsuits are growing day by day. New Jersey and Pennsylvania have multiple filings, and now dozens of women in the state of Indiana have filed claims against Bayer - 47 to be exact. In all cases, the claim is that Bayer Pharmaceuticals failed to adequately warn women about the serious side effects of the drug.

yasmin side effects and health issues include deep vein thrombosis, gall bladder disease, stroke, and pulmonary embolisms. In some cases gall bladder disease led to necessary surgical removal of the gall bladder. The birth control drug is aimed at young women, lawyers claim, which seems to be evident from their advertisements. Ads feature young women and claim that Yasmin can also treat acne and irritability.

Gall bladder disease is a condition found in middle aged people, and rarely in young women. Yet in several states, women taking Yasmin have developed gall bladder disease. The Yasmin lawsuits filed claim this is a result of taking Yasmin, and that these women were not warned by Bayer.

In New Jersey, the Yasmin lawsuits have gained Mass Torte status, meaning the suits, along with Ocella lawsuits and Yaz lawsuits, will be grouped together and handled by one judge. There are about 40 claims falling under the mass torte as of today. Proceedings in New Jersey will begin on April 26, 2010. Yasmin lawsuits (together with the Yaz lawsuits, also aimed at Bayer Pharmaceuticals) have also been grouped together in the state of Pennsylvania.

Bayer claims that they have given adequate warnings about side effects and health issues on their Yasmin labels. Compared to other forms of oral birth control, Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella (the generic form of Yasmin) pose greater health risks, say plaintiffs. That's because Yasmin et al. contain Drospirenone. The side effects of Drospirenone are more serious compared to other forms of birth control pills. Drospirenone is very potent, and the risks caused by this ingredient are not found in other forms of oral contraceptives.

Bayer said in a statement that the drug company is gathering information on the Yasmin lawsuits it has received. But they continue to maintain that labeling was sufficient on Yasmin bottles of pills. According to Yasmin lawyers, litigation will center around what Bayer knew concerning serious health issues in women taking Yasmin and Yaz. It will also include what they claim Bayer hid from the FDA in the approval process for the drug, and what they then hid from end users of the drug.

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