06/12/2012 is becoming the go-to source for breaking news, entertainment, and live opinion, thanks to two friends who got together and created an online radio station.

Online PR News – 12-June-2012 – Phoenix, AZ – What once started out as office laborers and then blossoming into a close friendship, Lacranora Sandlewood and Wurlitzer Seisenbacher had both discovered they shared the same common interests, thanks to the virtual online world known as Second Life and now agreed to take the next step and jump head first into doing what would be best described as, "Their first live broadcast via internet radio." Expanding their basic knowledge to listeners who are willing to tune in and voice their opinion about everything, ranging from online gaming to the philosophy of life.
Wurlitzer said "Our plan is to develop and bridge the gap between online and real life communication, where people can rely on either getting their news, sharing their stories, or getting the latest reviews with a healthy dose of humor."
Lacranora added “There is a gap, 10 years ago we were all sitting around our computers looking at the earliest days of the internet, where the biggest form of online interaction was AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, and various others, and saying "Wow this is great stuff! Now folks who are in their mid 30’s are sitting behind a computer, randomly typing on social media websites such as and saying "Wow this is boring!" "The younger folks behind us, just did what we did before..."You might say we have grown up, but what exactly did we grow up to be?" is an entertaining idea, merging games from pay to play to free to play and everyday real life issues. We are helping to bridge the gap between how social interaction is now, and what it has become, where people are mostly known as having a faceless opinion and giving them a real voice, in the hopes that they do not become desensitized, overly bitter or loss of motivation.
But it has not been easy. is still looking for hosts, more content and mostly sponsors to that can help pay for the cost of keeping things together. “We have some funding in place, yes, But...we want to sell adspace along with air time." "It is not about making's about keeping the lights on."
Lacranora and Wurl both agree that there is something great in this venture. "We have become our own personas that we make it to be online. "Our issue has become very disconnected from everything, but we can look forward along with having faith that will help change that common stereotype, by introducing FRI NIGHT TALKSHOW with Wurlitzer Seisenbacher.
The show features today’s biggest names in the virtual world known as Second Life, Covering it all, from fashion to music and everything in between.
For many years, Lacranora has also been involved with his very own professional voiceover work and online radio personalities, And now he also plans to revamping his own show entitled, The Lacranora Project, his views and philosophy's on life, work, and technology, will promise to bring you a lot of tension from our listeners, thanks to all the faithful listeners, Lacranora promises that there are going to be a few exciting things getting ready to take place and the only way to find out is to log into
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