RealMoneyTraders launches free amortization calculator

RealMoneyTraders have launched a user friendly tool, called the amortization calculator that can be used free of cost on their website.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – BORON, CA – An amortization schedule or table represents every periodic payment on an amortizing loan. With this table, users can confirm the precise amount of loan that has been directed towards the interest, and principal balance. Using the amortization calculator or mortgage calculator, users can find the period of payment, interest rate, and monthly payments. The amortization calculator on RealMoneyTraders website has four fields, namely,Home Price, Interest rate, years, and Down Payment. When you fill out these fields, the calculator will return you the monthly payment value.

For example, suppose the home price is $7500. And interest rate is 19% p.a. On a three year loan tenure, and a 2000$ down payment, the calculator would give a monthly payment value of $201.61. This calculator is useful especially if the calculations are huge.

RealMoneyTraders offers free financial educations. This is a great way to educate people about financial terms such as inflation, amortization , APR (annual percentage rate) etc. RealMoneyTraders is a free information hub that gives out all kinds of financial knowledge free of charge.

Accessing sites such as RealMoneyTraders is a great way to build your financial knowledge. In a world where finances govern the economy, it is important to stay abreast with the latest in the financial world. Just like alphabets in the English language are the building blocks of words and sentences, financial terms build the financial world. Getting used to financial terms would pave way for a better and secured financial future. RealMoneyTraders strives hard to present the most complex financial information in the simplest way. The Company believes that you do not have to be a financial expert to understand financial terminology.

Visit the RealMoneyTraders website and start your journey of financial independence. Of course, it would take time before you can learn the ins and outs of finance. However, a small step would see you through the difficult journey ahead. RealMoneyTraders has done a wonderful job by presenting financial information to newbie in simple words, without any financial jargon.