Launched To HelpActos Patients Suffering From Bladder Cancer

The purpose of this release is to provide information to those who have developed bladder cancer due to the use of Actos for the treatment of type II diabetes.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Merrillville, IN – Actos is a well-known drug that was released on the market in the US in 1999 for the treatment of type II diabetes. Research has recently found that there is a direct link between the use of this drug and the prevalence of bladder cancer, and people who have developed this illness while taking Actos may be now eligible for compensation. The website Actos Bladder Cancer Claim,, was launched to help victims of Actosdetermine if they qualify for compensation.

Although Actos has not been banned by the FDA, warnings are now printed on the boxes to inform people of the health risks associated with this diabetes drug. There are many Actos side effects, including the development of bladder cancer. There is a higher risk of developing this disease if the drug has been taken for longer than 1 year. It has also been found that risks of developing Actos side effects are higher in men than in women. According to the owner of the website, Benjamin Geller,: “If Actos patients believe they have grounds for legal action as a result of developing bladder cancer, they can get a free evaluation of their case by filling out the free case review form available on the website”.

The websitecan help victims speed up the process of finding an experienced Actos lawyer by providing a case evaluation form to fill out so they know quickly if they qualify for compensation.

For those who have used the drug and have developed Actos side effects, specifically bladder cancer, the medical expenses can run high. These individuals should evaluate their individual situations with a knowledgeableActos lawyer. Family members who have lost loved ones due to Actos side effects should also consider opening an Actos lawsuit by first reading the relevant information provided by the consumer website.

For assistance and guidance about the steps that individuals suffering with Actos bladder cancer should take if they are considering filing an Actoslawsuit, individuals should seek professional advice. Assistance from a qualified Actos lawyer will prevent lengthy battles directly with insurance companies. To learn more information about Actos and bladder cancer, victims can click here.

The Actos bladder cancer claim center was created to provide individuals with useful information regarding Actos bladder cancer as well as the steps that should be followed to enquire about how to qualify for compensation.