Direct Results Fulfillment 4.0 Delivers Much Anticipated Features

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Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Chatsworth, CA – Los Angeles, California – October 24th, 2011 – Navazon Inc. in partnership with Wealth Systems have launched one of the most exciting fulfillment software programs in the industry. The newest version of Direct Results Fulfillment known as, Direct Results Fulfillment 4.0, Navazon offers a turnkey fulfillment software system that resolves issues with order processing, A/B testing of marketing offers, continuity programs, payment processing, auditing reports, inventory tracking and shipping. Navazon’s offers Direct Results Fulfillment with dedicated support staff and full training.
Direct Results Fulfillment is a direct marketer’s, or any company that fulfills and ships orders, dream come true. Any company that is aggregating upwards of 300 orders weekly from various centers, be it website, call centers or partner sites and importing into a central database for credit card processing, allocating inventory, shipping, tracking and service related issues, will consider this software invaluable. Sasson Sarooei, creator of Direct Results Fulfillment, hails from a background in direct marketing making him the perfect person to orchestrate such a massive undertaking spanning more than seven years. The finished product is comprehensive and responds with exacting detail to the problems inherent in fulfillment.
Direct Results Fulfillment automates the importing of orders, credit card processing, allocation of inventory to orders, printing or emailing of reports and just about every other daily task for a busy warehouse. Orders can now be shipped immediately with no lag time. Direct Results Fulfillment tracks every inventory item in multiple warehouses and auto-allocates products to orders based on the priority of orders. Navazon added a new customer friendly feature allowing for multiple payment methods for one order and provided a full audit trail delivering a complete automated transaction history improving the fast identification of critical entries.

The feature direct marketers will appreciate immensely is the ability to place cost saving solutions and allow for more creativity and flexibility within a company’s continuity program to fine-tune their offers at each cycle for more profitable results.

Another important feature is load-balancing of credit card processors and merchant accounts. Now you can use many credit card processors or merchant accounts to process your payments. The system allows the operator to funnel payments based on whatever criteria he so chooses. There are numerous other important refund mechanisms that eliminate refund problems minimizing fraud and maximizing efficiencies. This affords greater flexibility and lowers risks of chargeback issues with a particular processor.

Navazon’s processing and fulfillment software, Direct Results Fulfillment offers comprehensive solutions averting potential problems while adding advanced capabilities in the capturing of crucial data to run fulfillment warehouses more efficiently. This fully automated program has demonstrated its efficiency on the ultimate proving ground…Wealth System’s own $300 million direct response company!

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