Professional Rodent Exterminators In Southern California Provide Complete Rodent Control

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Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Orange, CA – Although living in Southern California is a glorious opportunity for millions of people, it is also an equally spectacular opportunity for rodents and other pests. If you or someone you know has a rodent control issue, you need to call Southern California's leading rodent exterminator, Wheeler's Pest Control. Available on the Internet at, Wheeler's Pest Control can take care of any rodent, insect, spider, bird or other pest control issue you have, quickly and easily.

Rodent control is vital to the health, safety and protection of your home and your family. Rodents are able to in the any type of building, because of their instincts and incessant chewing. If they are not kept under control, rodents can increase more than 30 fold in just a few months. Therefore, if you have a reason to suspect that you have a rat or other rodent control problem anywhere in or around your home, it is vital that you contact Wheeler's Pest Control immediately.

Rodent control is more than just tracking invading, because oftentimes, this is simply not an effective avenue in order to properly control these types of animals. For this reason, you need a professional rodent exterminator that has the experience required to get rid of all of the rodents around your home as quickly as possible, which will save you time, money and prevent the potential health hazards that rats and mice carry with them. Most commonly, rats and mice transmit lice, fleas, mites and the potentially deadly Hantavirus.

For these reasons, makes it increasingly important that you hire an experienced rodent exterminator, if you feel that you have a possible rodent infestation in or around your home or business. There are a few ways that you can spot a possible rodent infestation, and these include finding rodent droppings around your home, noises in the attic or walls, or remnants of nests. If your pets bring home rats, or you have fleas or mites and no pets, it is possible that you have a rodent infestation.

In addition to these signs, you may have evidence of them feeding on the fruits of your trees, or find burrows in your plans or near your garbage cans. You may also have had to remove dead rodents from your pool or hot tub, and the door sweeps on your garage door may look like they have been chewed on or damaged. Although these are just a few of the potential signs of a rodent infestation, if you feel that you may be the victim of such a rodent control issue, contact Wheeler's Pest Control services immediately.

With a variety of programs available to protect your home and your family from pests, Wheeler's Pest Control is a family owned and operated company that has the extensive experience and knowledge required to handle any type of pest control problem throughout Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange Counties. You are encouraged to visit them on their website at, or contact them toll-free, at 877-595-2847, as they can help you with all of your pest control issues quickly, easily and effectively.