Bodysmart Offers Best Possible Physiotherapy Solutions - Specializes In Job Related Disorders

Perth based health care centre provides optimum and customized physiotherapy services by experienced physiotherapists. The centre specializes in treating job related disorders

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – 6/5/2012, Perth, Australia – Perth, Australia BodySmart Centre offers best possible physiotherapy treatment solutions to patients in and around Perth. This Perth based holistic health care centre specializes in job related disorders and provides physiotherapy care through their Murray Street center.

"We are equipped with a great team of skilled physio professionals who provide clients with the best possible care and treatment. Our physiotherapists work together with the Doctors as well as other health experts to ensure that the clients get an optimum and comprehensive treatment", says the spokesperson of Perth based health care center, speaking about its physiotherapy services. The Bodysmart physiotherapists here assist patients with assessment, diagnosis & management of conditions affecting joints, muscles & the skeletal system.

When asked about their service approach, the Health Care Centre spokesperson says they employ "hands on" physiotherapy treatment techniques that include joint mobilizations, massage of deep tissue, dry needling and facilitated stretches. Furthermore they always strive to provide their clients with a tailor made, goal directed and unique treatment plan. "We strive to serve you with the most appropriate physio treatment" the spokesperson of Bodysmart adds.

The Australian health care centre has private consultation rooms for the clients. "And yes, we would be using our onsite rehabilitation tools", the center spokesperson confirmed. Bodysmart further stated that its physiotherapists would advise the clients on the needed strategies for home, work & play to assist with a quick recovery.

The health care centre reportedly specializes in treating job related disorders like back pain, headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain, and offers to bring essential physio healthcare services to your workplace. "Our team of Physiotherapists always strive to achieve optimum client health using a combination of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, lifestyle advice, education & electronic physical modalities", the centre spokesperson further added.

The initial consultation is available at 49USD. The health care centre also offers a free of charge injury assessment and treatment plan, and a voucher can be downloaded from, the official website of Bodysmart. The physiotherapy practice assures that their physiotherapists always help their patients to understand their assessment in simple language terms.