India Film Project Reunites Unlikely Producers In Denver

Les Nordhauser, Production Executive and Founder of Greenlight Films Thailand, returns to his Denver roots to reunite on June 13th and 14th with co-producer Bernadette Slowey while their film project is in post-production.

Online PR News – 09-June-2012 – Denver, Colorado – In November 2011, Nordhauser, based in Bangkok, Thailand, received an e-mail from a mutual friend introducing him to Bernadette Slowey. Slowey’s a first-time documentary filmmaker seeking industry advice and contacts for her project in India. Nordhauser completed more than two years in Mumbai, India, where he worked with Sony Entertainment Television, one of India’s largest television channels with productions such as Indian Idol, as Vice President of Production.

Slowey was a former banking executive who left the business in July 2009. After a fruitless job search, she took it as a sign to pursue her longtime dream of filming. On Nov. 8, Nordhauser and Slowey connected over Skype for their first, and what Slowey thought would be their only, meeting to discuss filming in India.

Nordhauser not only knew the business, but had experience as an educator. In 2002 he taught film production management at the University of Colorado, Denver. In 2002 and 2003 he was the Academic Department Chair for both the Video Production & Digital Media Production departments at the Art Institute of Colorado.

Slowey explained she had five weeks to prepare for her first film project, where she was invited to cover a Spirituality Conference and then follow some of the speakers for a tour through India.

“Having been an instructor, it was a natural role for me to provide guidance.” Nordhauser said. “Even though Berni had no film experience and had never set foot in India, she had so much conviction about the project that I wanted to help her.”

After a series of Skype calls, Slowey extended a business proposition and asked Nordhauser to consider joining her in India to help her with the project. Slowey was leaving on December 12, and planned to return to Denver just before the new year. Nordhauser was intrigued by the project and also saw it as chance to revisit India.

An agreement was negotiated that Nordhauser would meet up with Slowey in Delhi once the Spirituality Conference concluded. Once Slowey arrived in India, she learned that the tour had been cancelled and the conference agenda had changed.
“It’s common for production plans to change in the filming industry” stated Nordhauser. “Having production plans change radically on a novice filmmaker in a foreign third world country with little to no control over the situation is more than just unnerving.”

The conference concluded and Nordhauser connected with Slowey and the Delhi film crew. They joined with the conference speakers on a bus for a five-hour drive to Agra. What happened during a routine stop is when Nordhauser saw an opportunity for the documentary to take form.

“What intrigued me about Berni in the first place was her story,” recalls Nordhauser. “Berni was not just fulfilling her dream to film a documentary, it became apparent she was on a soul-searching mission to find her life’s purpose.”

During the pit stop, Slowey encountered a cobra and has an emotional meltdown. What she reveals during the incident becomes the catalyst for the documentary’s subject matter.

“Even though I had a gut feeling the documentary would become a personal interest story, I couldn’t have anticipated how the story would unfold.” Completing filming as planned, Nordhauser promised to stay on board with the project through post-production.

A three-minute sizzle reel of Berni Journey in Wanderland is complete. Nordhauser is in Denver to interview editors with Slowey to complete the documentary. In addition, he is considering opening a production office in Denver.

Les Nordhauser is based in Bangkok, where he started a production services company, Greenlight Films in late 2007, as the Managing Director as well as Executive Producer or Producer on many projects. Since then, the company has done numerous television shows which have or will appear on The Travel Channel, National Geographic, Discovery, The Food Network, Animal Planet, Spike TV, AXN, and the BBC, among others, with well known hosts such as Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown, and Jeff Corwin. Greenlight Films has worked with many companies and shows from the US, Canada, Australia, The UK, Poland, France, Germany, Israel, Spain, Brazil, Korea, Singapore, among others. Greenlight is also currently developing a slate of original television programming.

Bernadette “Berni” Slowey lives in Denver with her family. After a successful 20-year banking career as a senior executive - including recognition by The Denver Business Journal as one of the “Forty Under 40” top young business leaders for her business success and community contributions - she did some marketing consulting before attempting her first documentary, Berni Journey in Wanderland. The film is in post-production and follows the filmmaker on an unintended transformational journey through famous landmarks in India with support from modern-day new thought leaders. In seeking answers from experts in the land of gurus and ashrams, Berni discovers the guru was inside her all along.

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