Ecosmob’s dials into success within just 8 months of its launch

The company successfully executes number of FreeSWITCH development projects since its launch -

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Ahmedanad – Ahmedabad, India – 01Jun, 2012– Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading VoIP solutions company since 2007announcedmilestone achievements with FreeSWITCH services that they launched just 8 months back. FreeSWITCH is an industry renowned open source softswitch that helps enterprises address their communication requirements irrespective of the size or scale of their operations.

The company which has setup this dedicated for the same lists the following kind of features that it has been able to deliver in the recently accomplished projects:

Conferencing FreeSWITCH Interface
* Listener, conference and recording plugins for conference
* Management of all events in conferencing flow
* Core level development

Conference Bridge
* Conference scheduling
* Automatic callback of participants at scheduled time
* Web service based control of conferences
* Add/kick/mute/unmute participants
* Call detail records
* Load balancing
* Failover

Routing Module
* Robust routing module
* No dependency on database
* Fast route lookup
* Posting failed attempts to web service

ENUM & CNAM Lookup
* Routing based on ENUM lookup
* CNAM lookup support
* Call detail records

Gateway Load Balancing
* Using multiple gateways and doing call distribution in round-robin manner
* Gateway failover support
* Call detail records
* Gateway status reporting

As per Mr.Carlos Tavares, one of the initial clients for FreeSWITCH services of Ecosmob, “I truly admire the spirit of Ecosmob team who has deployed their FreeSWITCH services at my place. We had simply stumbled upon them while ‘Googling’ for our FreeSWITCH services requirement. Their website was convincing and when we engaged into a dialogue with them, they seemed genuine. They have also been highly active to gather my feedbacks and get the execution for some custom requirements that made them better.” offers custom development services for module, application or bug fixing without taking away the advantage of the existing simple infrastructure of FreeSWITCH. One can get complete FreeSWITCH installation services including any prerequisites, necessary packages or all FreeSWITCH packages and add-ons. Visit www.FreeSWITCHservice.comor call on: +1 303-997-3139 for further details.

About Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an Ahmedabad; India based leading VoIP Solutions Company in operation since 2007. Incorporated by three young ‘technopreneurs’, the company offers customized VOIP-based business solutions and technology expertise through Open Source Consulting. Their key offerings include range of solutions for Telecommunications, E-Commerce and Mobile domain.

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