Author Kevin A. Kierstead Publishes Fiction Novel about Possible Chinese Invasion of America

In Addy's Boom and the Blast Frontier, Kierstead probes the possibility that a super-power might use a tidal wave as a weapon and follow with an invasion, while telling the story of two men, a woman and a dog who fight for their lives after the wave hits.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Mathews, VA – Author Kevin A. Kierstead Publishes Fourth Book in Two Years--Newest is Addy's Boom and the Blast Frontier

After publishing his first three books (The Lost Dialogues of Table 18, The Unbitten Onion, and Name of Alt, a popular sci-fi tale) in 2011, Kevin A. Kierstead has published his first "mainstream" novel in the action/adventure genre.

Mathews, Virgina June 6th, 2012: – Marvin Haskin (Boom) was finally getting comfortable in life. He had learned how to dismiss his troubles, large and small. He came to believe that he didn’t matter much, and that nothing else really did, either.

But the same river of unpredictable-turned-mundane events that had shaped his more callous outlook on life was unwittingly preparing him for the ugliest horrors his new world had to offer. Fate had delivered him from his home in Maryland to the small town of Mathews County, Virginia.

When natural disasters fail to take him, and war, hunger, and thoughts of giving up can’t put him away, he learns that life is not predictable and when he finds himself in a fight for the lives of three new friends, he begins to identify a much larger picture than he ever imagined; of being larger than himself, ignorant of odds, and certain that no matter what happened, he was in the right place with the right souls; souls that had forever changed his purpose as his purpose would forever change his existence.

In Kierstead's usual style, he puts out a fast-paced fiction title that could happen in real life, while probing questions that need to be asked. Could China invade America? Could a tidal wave be used as a weapon? Can a dog and a woman break a man's shell?

Says Kierstead, "All of the stories that I've learned to love, whether books, movies or oral, the ones that have always intrigued me the most are the ones that could feasibly happen in real life. As such, I've always sought to do two things with my writing; first, be original. Second, write something that's possible. Of all the many challenges facing humanity today, I believe that Addy's Boom and the Blast Frontier touches on a very real threat that is right under the nose of Americans and freedom-loving people around the world."

His book is currently available in print and in all popular e-reader formats. Just search his name on the major sites (including Amazon, Smashwords, B&N and CreateSpace, or just Google him; on each site, all four of his books will be available).

About Kevin A. Kierstead

Born in Ft. Wayne, IN and raised in southeastern VA, Kevin A. Kierstead was published by the age of 10 (editorial). After graduating high school in 1990, he joined the U.S.A.F. for four years while being published as the feature and sports writer for the North Pole Independent Newspaper, securing an exclusive interview with a new gold and silver Olympic medalist, Tommy Moe. He also finished his first fiction novel during his military service.

He later studied at Christopher Newport University, majoring in Psychology and English with a writing concentration, 1996-99, 2002-04.

He believes it hasn't all been done, and that everybody has a story to tell. He believes that rules and constraints must often be scrutinized and tested. His genres vary, including science-fiction, humor, and suspense thrillers. He hopes to sign with a major publishing house but is also entirely content as long as his readers are satisfied.

For more information about Addy's Boom and the Blast Frontier, please visit for the e-book and html/pdf versions or for the print version or contact him at Interviews must be scheduled at least one week ahead of time.