Vicky David Gallery exhibits internationally acclaimed artist Arne Quinze
11 June 2012
This spring the Vicky David Gallery in New York City exhibited works from internationally acclaimed artist Arne Quinze. The exhibit presents pieces from Quinze’s series ″My Home, My House, My Stilthouse″ which plays on the dichotomy between chaos and equilibrium. Eclectically Quinze uses paintings, drawings, sculptures and monumental installations to develop his work in the urban movement, by focusing on the themes: Order, Disorder, Structure and Habitation. Arne Quinze dreams of an ideal society in which all individuals communicate and interact with each other. Arne Quinze is an obsessive collector of used materials, which he then recycles in his works. This can be seen in Quinze’s 'There Is No Chaos Only Structure' series, on display at the Vicky David Gallery, which makes one think of the first toss in the pick up sticks game Mikado. The works in this series comprise of thin strips of red and yellow recycled fibre that encourage the viewer to think about the structure of the piece. Quinze has created aesthetically appealing works that encourage to the viewer to decipher what the meaning behind the work might be. Quinze, who is well-known for his unconventional large-scale public installations and sculptures, demonstrates the necessity of integrating public works of art in cities. Quinze’s works highlight his aim to transform cities all over the world into open-air museums, where works of art are placed amongst the cities’ inhabitants, encouraging passerby to be confronted by the works in their day-to-day life. In the catalogue of the Arne Quinze’s work at Vicky David Gallery ″Arne Quinze tries to evoke communication and human interaction. His installations are built to provoke reaction and to intervene in the daily life of passersby confronted with his sculptures.″ Vicky David Gallery specializes in postwar European art with an emphasis on Nouveau Réalisme. Learn more at: