Jan’s Café Is The Place To Be This Summer

Romance, sexual tension and laughs unfold in this latest summer must-read.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Williamsburg, VA – Author Lindsay Hall has released the much-anticipated first book in a four-part series, Jan’s Excellent Romance: Applesauce and Andy, and introduces readers to Jan Duffy, a woman all readers wish they really knew.

“Hi. I’m Jan Duffy. When I was 26, my husband ran off with the woman next door, leaving me with car payments and no car. And no husband, either, obviously. So I did what anyone would do in a situation like that: I opened a café.

“The first customer in the door was Andy Hudson, a successful lawyer and—hands down—the best-looking guy on Long Island. He was nice, and he seemed to like me. The solution to all my problems, right? Not really. I have a God-given talent for taking a good thing and really messing it up. I’m good at fixing up other people’s lives, though – at least I always thought so. But I hadn’t yet met as many zany people as I have since I opened the café. The lovelorn, the ditzes, the screw-ups—for some reason they all come to my place. And I mean not just my customers but also my friends and my own relatives.

“So in this book I’m going to tell you all about Jan’s Café—every wacky thing that’s happened, and how I’ve tried to figure out my own life while meddling in everybody else’s.”

This book was a real find. I just finished it and was delighted throughout. The characters are divine -- each one intriguing and charming…a real bonus is the vein of humor underlying the romance. It's both self-deprecating and situational…the hero, Andy, is charismatic and enormously appealing...it's as if Alexander McCall Smith were writing about Long Island. I heartily recommend this new novel and am waiting impatiently for the next in the series. – Amazon review

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Lindsay Hall was born in Ohio; has lived in Switzerland, New York City, Hudson Valley, New Jersey, Boston, and Long Island, NY; has been an NYC public school teacher, a cigarette girl at the Copacabana, a textbook editor, and a deputy to the Governor of New York. She and her husband met, married, and lived on Long Island, the setting for her novels.

Title: Jan’s Excellent Romance: Applesauce and Andy
Author: Lindsay Hall
ISBN: 978-1469966335
Publication Date: May 2012