Scholarship Winners Pursuits Fulfill School's Mission: "In Service of the Greater Good"

Scholarships awarded to Master's level students at Columbia University's School of Continuing Education

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – New York, NY – Master’s level students graduating this spring were eligible to enter a scholarship competition with funds to be applied to tuition. Funding for these scholarships came from the generous gifts of School of Continuing Education graduates, class of 2011, which were matched in kind by the school.

Scholarships were awarded to students whose academic performance and professional demeanor reflect the School’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence for the greater good.

Master’s programs represented were Narrative Medicine, Sports Management, Sustainability Management, Construction Management, Fund Raising Management, Actuarial Science and Landscape Design. Additional Master’s programs offered by the school include Bioethics, Communications Practice, Information and Knowledge Strategy, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Strategic Communications, and Technology Management.

The programs are unified by a mission to offer innovative instructional programs unavailable elsewhere at the University that meet Columbia’s standard of excellence, and produce positive educational outcomes for the members of the diverse student body.
Here are some examples from winners’ Statements of Purpose and their fields of study:

Landscape Design - Rebecca McMackin: “I am utilizing my Landscape Design degree from Columbia University to incorporate our native plant pallet into artistic and alluring garden designs that delight the eye, work with the environment, and bring people closer to nature.”

Sustainability Management -Adam Yukelson: “The Sustainability Management program has shaped my understanding of how to facilitate collaboration across sectors……I now see my role – my contribution to the cause of my time – as building bridges between people who, if connected, might just hit upon new solutions to seemingly insoluble problems.”

Narrative Medicine -Dominic Decker: “……The Narrative Medicine program proved to be a concrete integration of my two seemingly divergent interests. Why study literature if you want to be a doctor? Because doctors must have a sense of story. ……My study of this field has been taken out of the classroom and into the community, where I am able to appreciate its potential to improve health care delivery by returning medicine to its humanistic roots.”

Construction Management - Andrew Hatzenbuhler: “In the future, I want to own a construction company that specializes in building practices and to eventually build sustainable communities. I want to run a Green development firm that promotes LEED-Certified standards and supports greater neighborhood and community-based sustainable development. Aside from my goals in business, I have a strong desire to contribute my future knowledge and company resources to humanitarian aid, where affordable Green technology and building practices could be especially beneficial.”

Sustainability Management - Ryan Meinke: “I believe my Sustainability Management classmates and I will be successful together in nudging the economy in a more sustainable direction, with each of us pushing on our own part: government, policy, business, technology. We absolutely must use whatever capacities we can learn and develop to build for (my son)and his generation a more resilient community, economic system, and environment.”