Matt Cutts Talks about Google Penguin Updates and Its Challenges for SEO companies

Matt Cutts, the head of Google Webspam team talked about Google updates and how they can be challenging for Search Engine Optimizers

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Sugar Land, TX – The head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts spoke about the recent rapid changes and updates in Google and how it has effected search engine optimization companies. He mentioned that Google is in continuous struggle trying to make search spam free and to have low quality content filtered out. The basic aim is to make search easier and more effective for the users and to have only the top quality content ranking higher.

The basic purpose of Penguin update was to spot unethical websites and teach them a lesson. Initially, the update was named as “web spam algorithm update” and “over optimized penalty”, clearing the purpose of the changes. The changes, although are supposed to bring a positive effect, can be challenging for SEO and BPO companies around the globe, like Kaya Systems Sudden changes that have been made will take some time to settle down and for the search engine optimizers and content creators to understand and get used to. New techniques and strategies need to be created as well.

Matt told in his interview that Penguin update specifically aims at certain content related activities that had gone out of hands. One of these activities he specifically mentioned was paid clicks that were used in increasing site rank. This activity mostly led to low quality links with poorly written content. With this latest update, such links can no more rank high on Google. The only pages that will make it to the top will be the ones with original and quality content. “If you ask a search engine optimizer he will tell you that SEO has become very challenging and way more complicated than it was five or six years back” concluded Matt.

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