New WordPress Theme For Books is Making Online Book Promotion Easier

The, a WordPress theme for books, lets authors concentrate on their books and their writing, not on building their website.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – New York, NY – A successful author should have a good website to market their books. A good marketing program, which includes a site is essential to book sales.

“It’s hard enough being a writer these days,” said Jane Tabachnick, chief marketing officer of Simply Good For Business. “Very few companies are willing to offer a writer what’s needed for successful website book promotions. What is available is usually hard to work with, cumbersome and requires more knowledge of Internet programming than many writers have, until now with the introduction of this WordPress theme for books.”

The solution is to provide the writer website template, something that combines what they already know with quality site design. The does that. It combines the best elements of WordPress to create a site and blog geared for writers and publishers. Most authors are generally familiar with WordPress and how easy it is to use, however the was designed so that even a novice could use it. Authors today know they need to have a blog. WordPress is a very popular blogger program for authors, so they know how to work with that. “What we’ve done is take the Wordpress interface and use it to build an elegant WordPress theme for books that combines an author website and blog. We simplified things,” stated Tabachnick.

The Book Author Theme boasts a simple interface to let an author upload a book cover, logo and create a link to Connecting to social media is also easy; just put the links into the dashboard. “It’s really very fast now to create a good book promotion website with our Book Author Theme,” Ms. Tabachnick said. “If you’re still worried, we offer online support. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use, but we are there to assist you when you need it.” lets the author build a website, but the author must still find a web hosting service for the created pages.
For more information visit The website has a contact page where an author get answers to questions and concerns.