HD Hero2: Surf Edition-GoPro Camera Australia Has Waterproof Mount

One of the prime features with the smallest made outdoor shooting camera so far is its water proof mount to 97’ (60m). HD Action Camera gives all information on the latest technological adventure in imaging.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Hawthorn, Victoria – The enormity of accessories and utilities available with the latest GoPro Camera Australia almost takes one hour just to read the features. Very professional, utility based and business perspective description of the item really convinces the surfer of its genuineness.

HD Action Camera not only talks about what the Hd Action Camera is all about, also gives the option of free shipping at customers door step. The website begins its portrayal announcing, “Finally the GoPro WiFi Remote and Dive Housing are here”.

Well, the camera comes in three different editions depending on use- the GoPro Motorsport, GoPro Surf and the GoPro Outdoor editions. All of these come with wearable mount and gear and are waterproof housing to 97’ (60m).

This camera has been designed especially for pro surfers, surf filmmakers and different surfing enthusiasts. The waterproof housing however comes with all three editions, as outdoor shooting requires the feature as an essential accessory.

This camera is so far the best in ranges of waterproof HD camera; the accessory makes it extremely rugged. While it gives you the option of 10 photos per second, it also has a 3.5 mm external stereo microphone. The entire kid is mounted on a waterproof cover which keeps the device clean and dirt free in roughest water conditions.

THe GoPro Camera Surf board edition comes in various models, one of which is

Brand:: GoPro

Model:: HD HERO2: Surf Edition


UPC:: 185323000521

This camera gives image resolution of 11.0 MP with SDHC Memory card that can support flash memory. The camera comes with 3D- Ready technology and 1080p High definition video support. The additional advantage of shopping it from HD Action Camera is its free shipping to anywhere across Australia.

The GoPro Camera Australia can now be gifted to any surfing enthusiast as a gift voucher. All the buyer of the gift voucher has to do is buy the voucher, send an email of the copy or print of the voucher to the person. While the buyer shops this camera needs to show the coupon and enter the number assigned and would be entitled to discounts.

A lot is happening around the model HD Hero2: Surf edition and other models launched by GoPro early this year. The best thing the makers claim is its application which has superseded the expectations of most of the sports enthusiasts.

ABOUT THE COMPANY - HD Action Camera gives the opportunity to shop any type of the latest GoPro HD Action cameras with free shipping anywhere in Australia. They are selling the recently launched small and easy wearable outdoor sports camera that can beat the rough roads and water.