Looking For Pure Organic Anti Allergic Face Towels And Tea Towels For Your Family

Ettitude's range of infant girl clothes varies from bathrobes for children to beautiful dresses made from bamboo and organic cotton fiber.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Preston South – Ettitude is a totally green and eco-friendly Australian company that offers range of items from children’s clothing, laundry, toiletries and undergarments made from bamboo fiber.

To most of us, bamboo is a tall grass that grows all over the world. It is hard to believe that this same bamboo is used nowadays to make bamboo fiber and later into beautiful infant girl clothes, bed sheets, blankets, bathrobes, face towels, baby cot sheets, and tea towels etc. Bamboo fiber is made by pulping bamboo stem to break it down into raw cellulose. This is then converted into bamboo fiber. One of the properties of bamboo fiber is that it can be blended with other natural materials like silk, cotton, linen, as well as man-made fibers. Ettitude has for a long time sold most of their products made from bamboo fiber; they are made from an eco-friendly plant that grows without any pesticide, is rarely attacked by pests or pathogens, and grows very fast, and thus is easily sustainable.

Ettitude’s range of infant girl clothes varies from bathrobes for children to beautiful dresses made from bamboo and organic cotton fiber. One of the advantages of bamboo fiber is that it has anti-allergic properties, making it totally safe for infants and kids of all ages. Ettitude only use bamboo that has been grown organically with the resulting fiber being soft, super absorbent, breathable, and longer lasting than cotton. Ettitude uses bamboo fiber for other home products like tea towels and face towels. The use of bamboo ensures that the towels are silky smooth, anti-allergic, and antibacterial.

Bamboo can be grown cheaply, and with its natural anti-allergic properties, there are less swollen faces, runny noses, and itchy eyes for people with allergies. It also has very good absorption properties, and is known to absorb three times the amount of water than cotton. It is quite sturdy and lasts a long time. Bamboo sheets are soft, odorless, and can guarantee the user a good night’s sleep. Ettitude’s face towels, bed sheets, throws, towels, duvets, and bath towels made from bamboo fiber meet all those requirements.

About Ettitude: Located at 17B Youngman Street Preston South VIC 3072 Australia, you can either visit the store or order your requirements of eco friendly bamboo fiber products like children’s clothing, baby and kids clothing, bed and bath products, laundry and toiletries, and gifts online. You can view all their products at their website http://www.ettitude.com.au.