New Grooming Kit Case For Men and Women by Seki Edge

Seki Edge wanted to also make sure it wasversatile, sleek, and affordable whereby consumers could mix and match different Seki Edge tools to fit in the slots of the Grooming Kit Case.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Buena Park, CA – Seki Edge is always looking for new and innovative ways to give their customers what they want. Being a leader in Japanese stainless steel beauty and home tools, specifically Japanese nail clippers, eyebrow tweezers, mens grooming kit, and Japanese chef knives, Seki Edge continues to listen to their customers and isnow proud to introduce their new Grooming Kit Case. In the past, Seki Edge focused on selling a mens grooming kit with the tools and case together. With seven kits to choose from ranging from 2 pieces to 9 pieces, there has always been a set for everyone. If you want a luxurious case with high-end tools Seki Edge has that in a 2 piece, 3 piece, 6 piece and 9 piece kit. If you are looking for a set that has good value, Seki Edge has that too in the Adonis line and the new Mens Deluxe Grooming Kit (MS-02).

But one thing that was missing was a grooming kit case that was sold separately. Time and time again, Seki Edge would get numerous requests from customers to buy the case alone. They had purchased a healthy selection of Seki Edge tools only to realize they didn’t have a proper case to protect their high quality Japanese grooming tools. It made sense to want a case that not only protected their tools, but to want a nice stylish case too.

Taking into consideration the most popular and most purchased Seki Edge tools by customers, a new grooming kit case was created that features great structure, functionality, and quality. Seki Edge wanted to also make sure it wasversatile, sleek, and affordable whereby consumers could mix and match different Seki Edge tools to fit in the slots of the Grooming Kit Case.

The new Grooming Kit Case has two mesh pockets on the inner left hand side. The bigger mesh pocket is made to fit your larger items such as the Seki Edge Nail Nipper (SS-202) or an odd shaped tool such as the Rounded Nail File (SS-403). It’s the most versatile pocket in the men’s Grooming Kit Case. The smaller mesh pocket was designed to hold any Seki Edge tweezer. To the right side of the case are four elastic bands which hold a toenail clipper, fingernail clipper, facial scissor, and a nail file respectively from left to right. The toenail clipper band can fit any Seki Edge toenail clipper. The fingernail clipper band can fit any Seki Edge fingernail clipper. The facial scissors band can hold either the Nostril Scissors (SS-908), Moustache Scissors (SS-902), or the Make-up Scissors, (SS-907). The last band is small which can hold either the Nail File with Pusher (SS-402), the Cuticle Pusher (SS-303) or the Cuticle Remover (SS-305). Each band adjusts itself accordingly. Then, the grooming kit case is sealed by a zipper which keeps all tools intact and protected.

But who is to say the grooming kit case is only for Seki Edge tools? This case was made to be versatile to fit most men’s needs when it comes to a case. Seki Edge realizes there aren’t many options for a nice quality grooming kit case. So if you are like one of our many customers looking for a case, check out the new Seki Edge Grooming Kit Case and see the introductory special going on for June 2012!

About Seki Edge: Seki Edge is a high quality personal care beauty tool line. From high quality Japanese nail clippers to eyebrow tweezers, and grooming kits for men,Seki Edge brings personal grooming to a whole new level.All tools are manufactured in Japan. For more information:, Service@SekiEdge.comor 888-965-2824.

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