Neil Asher Technique Being Considered A Miracle And Neil- The Miracle Man

Many people get affected by frozen shoulder all over the world. offers Neil-Asher Technique for frozen shoulder treatment which has proved to be a miracle.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Washington/DC – Frozen shoulder syndrome is a very painful and incapacitating condition of the shoulder accompanied by pain and severe stiffness of more than 50% in all directions. People have tried a wide range of technique to ease the pain, starting from trying surgery, physical therapy, steroid injections, and also naturopathy. Frozen Shoulder has introduced the Neil-Asher Technique of treating frozen shoulder which has worked like a miracle for many. The Niel-Asher Technique™ is very user friendly and does not need implementation of any special devices.

In Frozen Shoulder the professionals make a perfect diagnosis of frozen shoulder symptoms and explain to the patient the line of action of the treatment. Once the diagnosis phase is over then comes the treatment phase in which the Niel-Asher technique is adopted. This technique restricts the use of drugs, this is a form of holistic healing that takes care of a problem that you thought you might have to live with for the remaining of your natural life. This is what people have to say about the Neil-Asher Technique “Thank you for your work in this area. I have dealt with many frozen shoulder problems over the years. The really bad ones end up having steroid injections or manipulation under anesthesia. The worst case I ever had come to my office last year. She had zero range of motion and any movement created unbelievable pain. I recommended the above treatments because her situation looked impossible. She refused. I began to work with your technique. Three weeks later she was out of pain completely. Three and a half months later she had a full ROM. What can I say? A miracle!'

At Frozen Shoulder, their frozen shoulder therapy using Neil-Asher technique has been proving successful for a long time now. Neil-Asher has been specializing on frozen shoulder treatment for last 15 years, his self-help technique though not clinically proven is a huge success with patients.