New Book Unveils How To Create A Wordpress Website Fast

In this Amazon new book, Ming Jong Tey spells out the exact process to create a Wordpress website for your online business in a step by step manner.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – 6/8/2012, Singapore, Singapore – Singapore, Singapore Ming Jong Tey's latest book on Amazon, "How To Create A Website With Wordpress( ) And Start A Profitable Online Business", is a useful step by step manual to help people to create their first Wordpress website and run an online business.

Ming's new book consists of 19 chapters that cover in detail about the website creation process, including domain and hosting registration, website creation, Wordpress themes installation, publishing of new blog post and essential skills to perform market and competition analysis, traffic generation techniques, etc… People who do not have any experience in creating a website will have no problem to follow the instruction in the book since there are step by step screenshots provided.

There are actionable tasks to be completed at the end of each chapter. This book is structured in a systematic way for readers to follow and get the most out from it.

"Ming does a great job of walking the reader through the process of starting a profitable website without requiring a background in computers. This book provides step-by-step detail about how to use WordPress to build your first site. Then Ming provides some excellent info about how to monetize your new site. Finally, he gives you a number of traffic strategies that will get people to check out your new web property." Says Scott P, a happy customer on Amazon.

"I managed to create my first website from scratch after finishing the tasks listed in the first 5 chapters. I am absolutely thrilled since I think it is almost impossible for me to create my own website because I am totally clueless when it comes to building website. I especially love the step by step screenshots together with the instruction because they made me extremely easy to follow." Says Liz, M., a mother of 2 daughters.

Apart from the detail information packed inside the book, buyers will be able to download the special bonus - 30 WordPress Mastery Videos for free, by following the instruction inside the book.

Review copy of the ebook and arrangement of author interview can be requested by contacting the author.

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