Why Be Green? - Unplug and Go Green Talks About The Importance Of Going Green

About Unplug and Go green: Unplug and Go Green is a website focusing on providing environmental tips which are easy to read and implement.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Los Angeles, US California – Unplug and Go Green, a newly launched website, recently talked about the importance of going green. ‘Why go green?’ is a question that has been doing the rounds in the country for a while now. Unplug and Go Green is attempting to provide an answer to that very question.
The site states that green living has become a necessity considering the present state of our ecosystem. According to the website, “Only 1% of the fresh water supply on the planet is drinkable without treatment. The source of contamination varies, with some being naturally poisonous due to bacteria and protozoa, chemical runoff from industry, pesticides, and sewage. In many countries that cannot afford treatment facilities, drinking water is equivalent to committing suicide.”
Unplug and Go Green has now initiated a new page entitled, “Why Be Green”. This page highlights the importance of going green and taking small steps to saving the environment. The website enumerates a variety of reasons to jump on the environment wagon. There are many personal and professional benefits to going green.
According to the site, going green has a number of advantages. The answer to ‘why go green’ is easy; it offers cleaner air; less trash; healthier food; better quality of life; and a better future for your progeny. Many corporations have also started implementing environment friendly ways to cut down on fuel and plastic use. This not only helps them be more eco-friendly, but it also saves a lot of money. Renewable energy offers another environmentally and economically sound alternative for most companies.
Along with addressing the issue of ‘why go green?’, Unplug and Go Green also offers some useful, day-to-day tips on inculcating a green lifestyle. These are simple, everyday things that anyone can do in order to preserve the environment. These tips are regularly updated and the website also invites users to share their own tips and resolutions for going green.