Google Caffeine 'Inside Hood' Changes Highly Visible Outside the Hood

Independent search user feedback reveals that many Google Caffeine 'inside the hood' updates have already been implemented per outside the hood data.

Online PR News – 27-February-2010 – – Independent super search user feedback reveals many of Google Caffeine 'inside the hood' updates have already been implemented as evidenced by highly visible outside the hood data. Some of the visible outside the hood changes include live Twitter feeds and 'real time' relevant SERP results.

Live Twitter feeds are part of Google Caffeine's stated mission of providing relevant 'real time' search features. These Twitter feeds have been compared to an Internet version of an electronic scrolling billboard. With one big difference- No one knows exactly when they are going to be featured or for what specific keyword phrases. However, recent patterns are showing that popular as-of-the-moment keyword search phrases appear to be a target. Which would account for them being present during searches of popular Olympic news events.

Another visible outside the hood update is evidenced by how quickly a popular and relevant article can achieve Google first page organic ranking for related keyword search phrases. Additionally, as quickly as these particular articles gain first page SERP's, they start to move back in page rankings as their popularity decreases. Or become replaced by even more popular or relevant articles. This movement is also easy to track and the fluidity is very noticeable to Super Searchers.

According to Irbtrax SEO Internet Marketing founder Scott Moir-"There's no doubt the feedback from Super Searchers points toward Google having implemented several 'inside the hood' changes. However, we believe the full launch of Caffeine will be far more noticeable and include a newly formatted Google Home screen that emphasizes different search options."

While Google has only hinted at these changes and not provided any official announcements bordering on the scale of what Matt Cutts stated last November. It's apparent this is all part of their slow but steady business approach. An approach that makes sense from a user 'search experience' focus and Google's well established pattern of maintaining proprietary secrecy. After all, Google is the globe's most popular search platform and has evolved into the second largest Brand in the world for a good reason.

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