Brand Promotion Through Wall Calendars Is Redefined At Discount Favors

The use of wall calendars is not strange in brand promotion. The thought of every marketer will go to wall calendars first when he thinks about brand promotion. Wall calendars are not traditional anymore and they can be customized the way you wish, according to the professionals of DiscountFavors.

Online PR News – 19-June-2009 – – Pensacola, FL ( Onlineprnews ) Jun 19, 2009 -Mr. Carl with his vast experience with manufacturing the very best promotional products knows the fact that wall calendars are still effective in brand promotion if customized properly. He says that, “Many marketers have a misconception that wall calendars are good for brand promotion no more. Some of them think that the concept of using custom wall calendars ( in brand promotion is very old and has lost its charm. The true fact is that wall calendars still have their charm in brand promotion and the effectiveness greatly depends on the customization done. Many people lack the customization skills and the simply blame that the all calendars are bad tools for brand promotion. As you will be well aware that Discount Favors is known worldwide for the customization skills, all the custom wall calendars supplied from us have created great successful marketing campaigns.”

Speaking about the customization options available for the wall calendars, Mr. Carl said, “Many marketers make a mistake by just printing their company and promotional message on the wall calendars. Remember the fact that none will be interested in using such calendars because your company logo is not the one that needs to be displayed in your client living room. Instead, if you print some high quality images of beautiful sceneries or places of interest along with your brand logo and promotional message, your client will be happy to display it in the living room. The printing quality also has a major part in the effectiveness of wall calendars ( To ensure maximum effectiveness, we use the most advanced printing technologies for printing picture on the wall calendars.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Carl said, “Wall calendars will never lose their charm in brand promotion because these promotional products will be useful for everyone in their day to day life. To make it clear, as long as the days change, wall calendars will be effective in brand promotion no matter what advanced promotional products appear in the market”.

Mr. Carl has proved that he has vast knowledge about the promotional product world. His statement makes it clear that the “Custom Wall Calendars” will be effective all the time to come.

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