Santa Clarita Chiropractor Provides A Gentle From Of Chiropractor Service

Dr. Joanne Buettner, a chiropractor in Santa Clarita, provides a gentler form of chiropractor care for locals in the area. The method involve is all natural and highly recommended for children and the elderly population because of the lower force used.

Online PR News – 27-February-2010 – – Santa Clarita, CA 02/26/10 - is proud to announce that its family chiropractic service is now available for the locals of Santa Clarita. This works using a gentle method of adjusting called the Activator Technique.

Basically a chiropractic method, the Activator Technique was developed by Arlan Fuhr to serve as another way of manipulating the spine and extremity joints. The whole process involves the use of a specific device that is considered to be a softer form of chiropractic treatment procedure. With this tool, there is no need to worry about any kinds of strain on the patient since it is focused on producing a controlled, light and fast force.

The method works by conducting a complete checkup that starts form the feet towards the head moving along the location of the spine. The checkup includes a number of tests like pressing a certain vertebrae in order to determine the specific area of the problem.

This technique is widely used in the chiropractic world. A large part of the practitioners utilize this technique in order to find the best solution to the specific condition of the patient. Practitioners in the field who make use of this technique usually have a degree in pediatrics as well for them to be able to work most effectively with kids.

With this gentler form of chiropractic method, it is easier to make use of chiropractor for children. This involves a lower level of force, which makes it the ideal option for kids and the elderly people.

As a chiropractic method, it is all natural. There is no need for any kinds of medications and surgical procedures. The goal of this technique is to remove the disruption in the system. After which, the body can proceed to healing itself. It does not end there though. The complete aim is to go beyond being pain-free. With chiropractor, the ultimate end is the human body reaching its optimum health potential. This involves total well-being with a sound mind and body.

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Company Name: SCV Family Chiropractic

Contact Person: Dr. Joanne Buettner

Address: 26370 Diamond Place, Suite 504 Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Phone Number: 661-255-2822

Fax Number: 661-255-0922