The Talent Shopping Network Launches 'Promotion by Contest': Turn Talent into Viral Marketers

The Talent Shopping Network launched its "Promotion by Contest" (PBC) platform, a free social media viral marketing and advertising tool for businesses and entertainment industry organizations to promote company events, products, and services, and gain exposure.

Online PR News – 08-June-2012 – TAMPA, Florida – TAMPA, Florida, June 7, 2012 – Calling it "the future of online contest management," The Talent Shopping Network ( has announced the launch of its “Promotion by Contest” tool for businesses and industry entertainment organizations to promote company events, products and services “American Idol” style.

TTSN’s “Promotion by Contest” program allows businesses to create talent contests that double as viral marketing and advertising tools, while providing opportunities for talented individuals who enter the contests.

The Promotion by Contest tool is offered free to organizations interested in learning more about how promotion by contest translates to increased web traffic, brand awareness and profits. Participating organizations manage the contest process from start to finish online, using TTSN’s state-of-the-art contest management system.

Each business runs its contests entirely from its own website. Voters invited through contestants’ email contacts and social networking sites become instant viewers of the business’s uploaded banner advertisement. This clickable banner ad, provided free through TTSN’s contest management system, drives voters back to the participating business’s website of choice. No pay-per-click involved, and businesses create their own custom marketing banner ad featuring their unique promotions, whether it’s an event, products, services, TV show, new movie or music release, concert, radio station, or corporate advertiser.

Each 900W x 320H banner can be customized with the individual promotional message that the sponsor wants to convey. Contestants, their friends and families will view each banner regardless of whether they enter the contest or vote, which means guaranteed exposure for the sponsor’s banner.

Businesses and entertainment industry organizations can post unlimited online contests at no cost; the TTSN contest management system is designed to make the process easy, organized, and efficient to encourage businesses to give it a try. Sponsor businesses can also create a company profile utilizing their logo, promo pictures, audios and commercial videos, and set up live auditions online with up to four contestants at a time through video conferencing. Embedded codes for each contest are created automatically, and can be cut and pasted to promote the contest anywhere – your company website, social networking pages, and online classified ads for instance.

Promotion by Contest

The TTSN platform allows sponsor organizations to manage and view all contestant submissions from one location, contact contestants directly, sort contestants by talent or industry rating (provided by agents), by votes or views, best performances and more. The system eliminates email inundation from thousands of contestants; contest sponsors determine the prizes, declare winners, and can create their own talent network from the contestants that enter the contest.

“The ’Promotion by Contest’ tool is all about how a business owner or manager can turn talent that auditions for their promotional contests into marketers for their company, “says William Quinones, The Talent Shopping Network founder and president.

“Contestants are motivated to win the contest, and since votes determine the winner, contestants happily send their voting page link to all of their email contacts, friends and family on the social networks.

“Before long it’s doubling as viral marketing,” Quinones says. “As friends and family open or click the link to vote, the first thing they will see is the sponsor’s banner advertisement.”

Quinones says that he expects the TTSN audition and contest Management system, the first of its kind for entertainment industry professionals, to transform the way the entertainment industry conducts auditions, casting calls, and contests. At the same time, and in keeping with Quinones’ vision, it will serve as a platform for talented individuals to gain exposure, and serve as a catalyst toward launching careers.

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About The Talent Shopping Network (

The platform is for agents, managers, and anyone in the business of auditioning and finding talent. The Talent Shopping Network’s audition management system provides industry agents with a state-of-the-art program that streamlines the traditional audition process with an intuitive online strategy that includes tools for viewing and scoring each talent, managing the call-back and elimination process and more.

TTSN audition management system was designed to transform the way the entertainment industry conducts auditions and casting calls, without the expense and time sink that defines the traditional casting and management process.

Three years in the making, is the brainchild of William Quinones, a former dancer and later manager of a singing group who experienced firsthand the challenges of breaking into show business and accessing the opportunities that lead to a successful career in the entertainment industry.

With more than 50,000 active auditions on right now, the site provides talent with the ability to download audition scripts directly, video record their audition performance and submit it directly to the hiring agent. The site also offers access to a video voice-over recorder and demo song recording capabilities, and the first 10 auditions through TTSN are free.

Quinones calls an audition networking system for the entertainment industry, geared toward agents who are provided a comprehensive management system for auditioning for talent and networking with other industry insiders.

In addition to the audition/contest management system, agencies are invited to become part of the strategic partnership revenue sharing program, free for one year, and earn additional revenue as a partner by using to conduct auditions and castings, run contests, and perform other functions.

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