Kansas City Roofing Company Warns Of Residential Roof Damage Due To Thermal Shock

Changing temperatures can damage roofs. Local residential roofing Kansas City company issues warning against thermal shock. Visit MBRoofing.com for details.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Kansas City, MO – MB Roofing, Inc. – MB Roofing Inc., one of Kansas City’s premier roofing companies warns that the frequently changing temperatures of past weeks can cause thermal shock damage to roofs. The roofs of Kansas City’s residential properties often suffer from cracked, leaking, and broken asphalt shingles – often a product of thermal shock.

What is Thermal Shock?
Heat and cold affect materials differently. Generally, when it’s hot, materials like asphalt shingles tend to expand, when it’s cold, the shingles contract. The changes may seem infinitesimal and are not at all obvious to the naked eye but it happens nonetheless.

Thermal shock happens when temperatures change so abruptly that a material was not given the chance to gradually resume its natural shape. When this happens, the material may break or crack due to the unaccustomed push and pull according to the changes in temperature.

A Warning
MB Roofing Inc. warns that it’s possible for many residential roofs to exhibit signs of thermal damage especially due to the alternating heat and cold temperatures experienced in Kansas City this past week. Rapidly changing temperatures is a common contributing factor to thermal shock damage.

This past week has seen temperatures in Kansas City go from the high 90s to the low 70s. Days start out hot but end up cooler than most with the occasional storms. Since most residential roofing in Kansas City is made up of asphalt shingles, there’s a very real risk of shingles expanding in the morning and being forced to contract at night. Constant exposure to these changes can cause shingles to warp, crack or break.

What can Homeowners Do
Truth be told, there is not a lot that can be done to fight or prevent thermal shock damage to roofs. However, according to MB Roofing Inc, there are ways to stagger the damage to residential roofs. The company recommends the following measures:

Regular roof inspections
Minor breakages or cracking of shingles can be repaired by means of using a sealant. But since time is essential to avoid worsening the damage, it’s best if homeowners request for regular roof inspections from a local roofer. Regular inspections allow homeowners to spot and correct the damage early. Most local Kansas City roofers offer roof inspections for free.

Repairing minor damages
Constant contraction and expansion can worsen damages roofs have. MB Roofing Inc. recommends getting minor damages like a lifted or missing shingle resealed or replaced. Repairing these damages can protect roofs better and help them last longer despite the temperature changes.

Ensuring enough ventilation and insulation
Temperature differences can also come from internal sources, not just the general environment. The roofing company advises homeowners to have professionals check for sufficient ventilation and insulation in their attics. The extra heat and temperature fluctuations a lack of either of these factors cause can contribute to thermal shock damage.

Weather experts believe that these constant and abrupt temperature changes will continue as part of a larger world climate change. As such, MB Roofing Inc. advises vigilance against thermal shock with proper roof maintenance.

About MB Roofing, Inc.
For over 16 years, MB Roofing, Inc. stands as one of the best residential roofing Kansas City contractors. The company’s Better Business Bureau grades the company with an A+ rating. This year, MB Roofing, Inc. transitioned from preferred contractor to platinum preferred contractor under the Owens Corning network.