Helium Shortage Drives Solutions for Car Lot Balloon Displays

Auto dealer supply company, Car Lot Depot, provides three options to replace expensive and scarce helium, used in car dealership balloon displays. Each method focuses on the principle of using air instead of helium while maintaining the customary attractive display.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Reno/Nevada – Car Lot Depot says goodbye to filling balloons with helium and now encourages its customers to use any of three effective balloon display methods: tying balloons around a PVC pipe, using a latex balloon holder, or employing reusable balloon kits. Auto dealers and customers alike appreciate promotions that are earth friendly and cost effective.

“Nationally, retailers are still getting helium, but at higher prices and not in the quantities they normally see,” says Marty Fish, executive director of the International Balloon Association. “Everybody is complaining about the price of helium, and there's really nothing you can do about it,” Fish said.

“The shortage isn't as severe as [the] one in 2007, but it's tight enough that balloon retailers are feeling the squeeze. Hospitals and industrial clients are served first, leaving the party industry at the bottom of the pile for helium sales, said Gary Krekelberg, owner of Party Land in Sioux Falls, S.D.” (From USA Today article “Helium shortage puts a pinch on party balloons”)

With helium depletions expected to bottom out in 2015, it’s not too soon for dealerships and other companies who rely on helium to proactively change their ways. Car Lot Depot’s recommended display methods are highlighted below:

Tie Balloons to PVC Pipe
This method is inexpensive and can provide an attractive way to display balloons on a car lot. The balloons are attached by simply tying the balloon neck around the pipe. Using a PVC Pipe allows for a durable, but flexible base that sways in the wind, catching the attention of a potential customer. The pipe needs to be anchored to the ground or connected to a shorter pole or fence.

Use a Latex Balloon Holder
Produced by EZ Lettering Service, this reusable, unique plastic & flexible fiberglass invention allows balloons filled with only air to fly at the height of 36 1/2". The Balloon Holder attaches to a vehicle's window via a window clip. Car Lot Depot is an authorized distributor of EZ Lettering Service.

Employ Reusable Balloon Kits
Also produced by EZ Lettering, reusable balloons are similar to a beach ball and are made out of PVC vinyl measuring 16 inches tall with a 14 inch diameter. The balloons are used in conjunction with different kits that provide a stand for the balloon to attach to. Pictured below is the Reusable Balloon Cluster Kit. The use of two Cluster Arms allows this kit to hold five Reusable Balloons at once.

Choosing an alternative to helium can be cost effective and still produce an attractive balloon display. For more information on the alternative methods and to view pictures of the products described above go to http://carlotdepot.com/Helium_Alternatives.html.