Homejobsite’s New Questions And Answers Page

After 8 years in the business of helping people find home jobs and work from home opportunities, Homejobsite now offers more than just a job search.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Ontario, Canada – What is it that makes a website that supplies people and entrepreneurs with home jobs and home business opportunities special? One may reply with “good customer service” or “the utilization of a well structured forum” as an answer. But how about, customer service that caters to visitors in a more personal sense, as an approach to taking care of questions in a timelier manner. Homejobsite has decided to take the personal approach and address this concern with a new page called questions and answers.

“The questions and answers section of the site is really not a new concept,” says Simon Riviera, publisher of Homejobsite.com. “But I feel it ads to the credibility of what we are trying to accomplish with regards to connecting people with telecommuting and home jobs. Simon also noted that he really does not mind the extra workload of publishing the Q&A section of the Site, as he has already seen the benefit, or usefulness of the personalized or “hands on” approach.

One may wonder what the basic types of questions Simon receives, That are submitted by home job seekers, or inquiring entrepreneurs looking for a home-based business? “I get a lot of inquiries related to what people typically now coin telecommuting jobs” says Simon. “Jobs that used to be referred to as home jobs or work from home opportunities are in my opinion better worded as telecommuting jobs probably because it sounds less scammy than the other.”

The Site also offers home business and franchise opportunities. “Franchise opportunities especially are of a special nature and would command more knowledge on my part,” Says Simon. “When people ask me about details related to these types of business offerings, I have to be honest and tell them they are better explained by the people who franchise them out. But for the most part, people tend to want direction, and ask questions related to finding a specific job, or more information related to setting up a home-based business.”

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