Official Poster For The California High Speed Rail Movie

The official poster for the California High Speed Rail Movie "Railroader" starring Alexander Kanellakos was officially released today. The movie tells a story of time travel and focuses on funding and construction of the California High Speed Rail. Read on !

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Surf City, CA – Do you think Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" was eager to introduce himself by stating "Heeeeres Johnny" ? We just don’t know. The image captured in the newly released poster from Apollo Productions movie “Railroader” may serve to make a similar introduction by peering through a trolley depot door window, although with more of a silent suspicious dream state attached. So no introduction needed.

The newly released poster shows Lee, the railroader, portrayed by Alexander Kanellakos, peering through the window on the door at a trolley depot from San Jose’s yesteryear’s gone by. A copy of the poster can be downloaded from

What the railroader sees is the world of politics surrounding the bond allocation and design options for the futuristic bullet train for California. California is using High Speed Rail bonds allocated as a result of Proposition 1A (or the Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act for the 21st Century), the law that was approved by California voters in the November 2008 state elections, to initiate construction later this year. The federal government will contribute matching funds to push the program forward. The story alerts us as to the importance of building the clean new passenger transportation system but leaves you, the audience, with the ultimate choice of your support or disagreement of the design and construction plans. The railroader aims to deliver the best system to the people of California so that no one is left stranded at the station, waiting for a High Speed Train…that never arrives.

The middle of the story cuts to a California High Speed Rail Senate Committee Joint Informational Hearing that was held on March 13, 2012 in Mountain View California, chaired by Senator Joe Simitian, where the facts are made public. Dan Richard, the Director for the High Speed Rail Authority when asked by Senator Alan Lowenthal as to why we just don’t build out the bookends (San Jose to San Francisco) and (Orange County to Los Angeles), is quoted as stating “If we did the talk around Washington would be that we were building a High Speed Rail from Disneyland to Hollywood” We are connecting the states two metropolitan centers (SF Bay Area to Greater Los Angeles) with a clean, safe, and reliable transportation system to ease congestion and connect people face-to-face, creating jobs, and forging ahead with an economic recovery for the State of California. If it means getting additional financial support from private investors and bonds issued by corporate mega conglomerates to make it happen, Lee is that man to get the job done, picking up over $ 3.8 billion in freshly printed bonds from the printing office clerk (portrayed by Kim Lefebvre) while travelling back in time. Will Lee get the new bonds to the banker…minus any “commissions…or...err…ah…cuts” ? Or will he be tempted to veer off course on a wild and crazy back roads adventure? We just don’t know.

The story of the "Railroader" as Lee emerges from the Bay Area Railroad Ghost Town of Drawbridge, can be seen more of a metaphor of looking and learning from the outside to the inside, and bringing the historical past into focus for the future of High Speed Rail Funding here in California. As Lee the Railroader finally approaches the final destination of his journey, he must travel through the puzzling doors of time…again…and again…and again…so no wonder he is suspicious with every threshold that he must cross. Can Lee quickly approach the banker (played by Ray Medved) and keep the gold coins, cash and bonds safe until he makes the connection? Will the construction contracts be let? The story unfolds to a closing statement excerpted from Governor Brown’s state of the state message to the people of California as to why the state must launch the new bullet train.

Of special note on the time travel condition is a warping sound of fluttering wah remixed and created by All American Records (AAR) Digital of Surf City, CA. A slide guitar break played over a live rendition of “I heard it on the X", by that little ol’ band from Texas…ZZ Top. That unique soundwave keeps us all aware that Lee is again about to unexpectedly travel trough time…but during the final door as he peers to review the other side we are left with the question of will he make the meeting in time? Or will time make him late for the train forever? We just don’t know.

So we have a new poster shown in a totally different light. We captured this frame from the movie to tell a thousand words. I hope you enjoy the show, currently playing in select municipalities in the SF Bay Area and streaming worldwide. Written and directed by Alexander Kanellakos, President and CEO of Apollo Productions & AAR Digital LLC. TRT = 58 minutes. Check your local COMCAST listings for details. Visit our home page and while you are there,…be sure to venture through our site and enjoy the trailers, performances and product showcases. - Al