Open Day, Opens Eyes at Corporate Events

Back in May Corporate Events held an open day to show potential customers what they could do by way of audio visual productions and experiential events. After listening to feedback, the event management team and facilities turned out to be a real eye opener.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Swindon / Wiltshire / UK – The Corporate Events open day at the new head office in Hillmead, Swindon, made a huge impact on staff, clients and prospects alike.

Managing Director Andy Ashley comments: “As a business, we’ve been running since 1996, we turn over in excess of £5 million, employ 35 people and produce shows all around the globe, and yet there are businesses on our doorstep that have never heard our name.”

With this in mind, the idea of an open day was born.

To celebrate the recent move to larger premises and to showcase some industry leading innovations and creativity, Corporate Events invited a mix of clients and prospects to the event.

Account Director Michelle Kennedy adds: “It’s been great to be able to show people what we do, how we work and just how big the company actually is. We’ve put on a showcase of projection mapping in our atrium space - a fantastic way to develop some more creative events alongside our conference production and audio visual production services.”

Senior Producer Ian Harvey concurs: “I’m so pleased that people took the time out of their day to come and see Corporate Events and our offering. I’m very pleased about the response to our Augmented Reality solution - there are only a couple of companies that can do what we do in the UK, so to be able to show this live to people is fantastic.”

But it wasn’t just the technology that proved to be of interest; the culture and environment of Corporate Events proved to be infectious. Head of Creative Services David Haslop expands: “We produce a massive amount of creative content for award show productions, conference productions and experiential events and while that can all look great on a laptop or desktop, what we have found is that clients love our presentation preview space.

Essentially it’s like having a scale venue to play with before you get on site - big screen projection and Dolby 5.1 sound in our own client preview room! This allows clients to come to us, run through their show content in a relaxed but focused manner, make changes and be comfortable with their messaging, look and feel before even getting into the event space.
We even do show rehearsals here - it’s proving invaluable.”

And if you missed this event, don’t worry. Tim Christian concludes: “It was a great night - lots of people learned more about Corporate Events in one day than I could have hoped for. We will be doing this again, and soon.”

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