Wheelers Pest Control Offers Affordable Gopher Control Measures

Without the proper gopher control measures in place, landowners face damage and possible injury to their property.

Online PR News – 11-June-2012 – Sherwood, AR – Wheelers Pest Control is pleased to announce that it offers high-quality Gopher Control methods to help property owners protect their land. Effective gopher control measures are the only way Southern California property owners can protect their land from these burrowing rodents.

Because of its moderate climate and general location, Southern California is a well-known habitat for various types of rodents. These include gophers. With property values already in distress due to the economy, property owners must help protect the value of their land in all ways possible. Without proper gopher extermination measures, these rodents can literally destroy hundreds of square feet of land and do so in much less time than many people can imagine.

While the idea of gopher extermination measures may seem distasteful to some property owners, the sheer amount of damage these creatures can do cannot be ignored. Not only do gopher control measures put a stop to the destruction but they also help to protect humans, pets, and livestock from possible injury should they step into a hole or fall through weakened earth where the animals have been burrowing.

There have been numerous cases where individuals, pets, and livestock have suffered severe injuries to their ankles and legs when they fall through these areas. In some cases, ranchers have had to actually put down livestock that have been injured in such a senseless manner. An important issue that property owners need to understand is that with these particular animals, the burrowing never stops. As time goes on, more and more of the surface land will become prone to collapse, thus increasing the possibility that others will be injured.

It is also no secret that many farmers and gardeners have lost huge amounts of their crops as these rodents burrow under the crop and eat the root systems of plants and vegetables planted above the tunnel system. Once these rodents find a food source, such as a root system, they will remain to feed until they have devoured the whole crop. The cost to farmers and gardeners can be significant, to say the least.

Without proper gopher control measures put into place, the damage will only increase. These animals burrow year round and are known to have several litters of pups per year. In simple terms, their population will increase over time and the more pests are burrowing, the more damage that will be done to both land and crops.

Professional gopher extermination services often advise their clients to avoid trying to rid the property of these pests on their own. First, the types of chemical that are commonly available to property owners can be very dangerous to work with. Second, unless the gopher control measures take care of all of the gophers, the population will return in time and the owner's problems will return as well. The better option is contact professional gopher control services such as Wheeler's Pest Control and let them handle the problem once and for all. Visit their site to learn more on their gopher control measures.