Birmingham Chiropractor Provides Non-Surgical Relief From Scoliosis

A Birmingham chiropractor, Dr. Mark Berry, offers all natural methods to help people with scoliosis deal with the pain associated with the said condition. With the practice of chiropractor, there is no need to take in medicines or undergo surgical procedures to live a healthier life.

Online PR News – 27-February-2010 – – Birmingham, AL 02/26/10 - is excited to announce that there is now a better solution for the pain that comes with scoliosis. This new option offered by Dr. Mark Berry, a Birmingham chiropractor, is all natural and surgical-free.

Scoliosis, a term derived from the Greek term for crooked condition, is a condition that involves a curved spine. The whole deformity is more complex than the C or S form of the spine as seen in x-rays. The occurrence of scoliosis cannot be blamed on a single factor. It is a function of a number of causes and can be associated with other even more serious conditions such as cerebral palsy and spinal muscular atrophy.

The treatment options for the condition vary according to the severity of it. Basically, a patient may be prescribed to wear braces or be subjected to surgery due to the projected degree of progression of the said condition.

Another choice is with the chiropractic practice. This new treatment option is focused on restoring the capacities of the spine without making use of any medications and surgical procedures. Instead of utilizing these modern tools, chiropractors use natural processes that are focused on empowering the human body and encouraging it to make use of its inherent healing ability.

In addition, chiropractor works toward achieving optimal health for the human body. This is not limited only to diminishing body pains and the likes. Its ultimate goal is to give someone a chance to live a healthier and longer life. Total health is way beyond being pain-free. It is the complete well-being of an individual, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

The practice is based on the philosophy that the human body is equipped with what is necessary for it to achieve total well-being for itself. All that it needs is to have a flowing system with not a single kind of disruption in its way.

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