Advanced Water Filters Launches The Tap Master Reverse Osmosis System

As we all know, water is one of man's most vital needs. The human body alone is made up of almost 90% water.

Online PR News – 07-June-2012 – Scottsdale, AZ – June 7, 2012 - As we all know, water is one of man's most vital needs. The human body alone is made up of almost 90% water. It is important for the body to be replenished of its fluids in order to survive. However, through the years, the Earth's supply of clean drinking water has diminished greatly due to pollution. For this reason, the demand for water filtration systems has immensely increased. Water filters help make water suitable for human consumption by filtering it of sediments and harmful chemicals.

Advanced Water Filters, one of the leading companies that provide home water filtration systems has recently launched a new product called the Tap Master Reverse Osmosis System. Reverse osmosis water filters is the most effective filtration system that can make brackish water safe for drinking. Water needs to go through seven stages of filtration before the entire process is complete.

The Tap Master Reverse Osmosis System from Advanced Water Filters has been created and manufactured under the National Science Foundation standards for water filtration systems. It can filter 99% of the sediments and chemicals that can be found in hard water making it safe to drink. All the parts that make up the entire Tap Master Reverse Osmosis System is of high quality and its workmanship ensures that you wouldn't have to worry about the risks of flooding because of a leaky water tank.

Another advantage of the Tap Master is that the filters are built into the filter housing so when it's time to change the filter, you would also need to change the other components. This practice further ensures that your water filtration system is well maintained thus assuring you of clean water at all times. The Tap Master Reverse Osmosis System can filter 3,900 gallons of water each day and the steady flow of water in the faucets can fill up a large pitcher in less than 50 seconds.

The company has a wide range of products in their online catalog that ranges from faucets to water softeners and replacement parts. They cater to individual homeowners and home builders that are looking to buy their products in bulks. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the product you have purchased. For more information about the company's product and services, you may visit their website at or give them a call at 1-480-348-0222.

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