Military Family Support Is Job of New Military Justice League

A new company formed to honor and serve active duty and veteran U. S. Armed Forces members calls them today’s superheroes. The Military Justice League name was inspired by the fictional Justice League of comic book superheroes including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Online PR News – 07-June-2012 – Dallas, TX – Military family support has taken on heroic proportions, thanks to Military Justice League, Inc., a new organization formed to honor active and veteran military members and their families. The name derives from the fictional Justice League of comic book superheroes, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and others.

Military Justice League CEO Tim Klund says the real superheroes in America are the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces – Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, Reserve Forces and veterans who have served honorably in the past.

“Like their fictional superhero counterparts, the U.S. Armed Forces are guardians of our way of life,” Klund said. “They give selflessly because they believe in serving something bigger than themselves – and they do some pretty amazing things. We all must support the military who give so much.”

Unfortunately, military family life can be quite difficult. These superheroes often face serious problems that result from their dedication –frequent deployments, family disruptions, financial hardships, stress-related illness and carrying the burden that comes with a life dedicated to serving others.

They give selflessly because they believe in serving something bigger than themselves – and they do some pretty amazing things. We all must support the military who give so much.

Klund was inspired to establish Military Justice League for U. S. service men and women in return for all they do for their fellow Americans. Klund, himself an Air Force veteran, recruited other business people who also want to do more to support the military, most of whom also are military veterans. is a membership website for service members past and present and their families. It is an “ecosystem” in which members pay dues and receive valuable services, and the company will direct funds back into organizations that help improve the military family lifestyle. For a small monthly fee members are entitled to:

• a discount shopping portal for local and online purchases (with average annual savings per family of up to $1500);
• help translating military experience into meaningful résumé items for civilian employers, as well as training in job interview skills;
• a social network website where members can join groups and discussions, post photos and more, and,
• special drawings and contests that feature sports and entertainment memorabilia autographed by celebrities.

Klund said the idea is to help military families save money, get access to professional services, network with each other – and have fun. To that end, Military Justice League is participating in events that support the military on and near military installations.

“We have a lot of good relationships with professional athletes and celebrities through other business activities” Klund said. “The respect these athletes and celebrities have for the military is off the charts, and several are already participating in our activities.”

Klund says the company’s business model is highly unusual – formation of a for-profit company designed to provide financial support to not-for-profit organizations that help improve conditions for the military family. He said Military Justice League does not receive any compensation from the sale of products and services on the website’s discount shopping portal.

“This company is run by veterans for veterans,” Klund said. “The great part is the real cost of membership is less than zero for people who use the discounted shopping even a little bit. Our job is to provide such great value that no military family would will have to think twice about joining. The more members we have, the more we can support the military.”

About Military Justice League

Military Justice League, Inc., is a Dallas, Texas, based company dedicated to helping military families achieve a better quality of life through consumer and professional services available to members. Our company was established to support the military by providing funds to non-for-profit organizations that help military families. Benefits of membership include a discount shopping portal, career transition help, social networking, contests, drawings and special events. For more information please visit

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