Hair Loss Website Releases Sensitive Alopecia Areata Video
06/09/2012, the largest social network dedicated to providing unbiased consumer information about alopecia, hair loss conditions and hair loss solutions, has released the third animated video in their "Hair is Important" series.

Online PR News – 09-June-2012 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – FT. LAUDERDALE, FL --, the most comprehensive online resource for unbiased consumer information and education concerning alopecia areata, hair loss treatments and hair loss conditions, has released the third of a series of one-minute-long, animated public service announcements titled True Beauty.

According to Michael Garcia, spokesman for, the third video release "gently reminds those who suffer from alopecia to be kind to themselves and to remember that there is much more to being attractive than our hair."

Produced by Bright Bulb Solutions, a Los Angeles-based Internet marketing firm, the animated presentation features a woman character that has alopecia. She is depicted as a model employee, a hospital volunteer and as an artist. The narration, read by actor Wesley Horton, appeals directly to the individual with alopecia areata, a disease, Garcia says, which effects about 2% of the population:

True Beauty isn't defined by TV or bestowed at a pageant. Beauty is a combination of our many individual qualities. Beauty is personality and character, health and style, integrity and sensitivity, compassion and creativity. We all want to be beautiful and while hair is important to us it's vital to remember our many other qualities that make us attractive. So if you're one of the 2% of the population living with alopecia remember that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and the beholder that matters most is you. Celebrate your life and have the courage to see yourself today, as you are every day ... truly beautiful.

According to Garcia, the concept of the movie arose "after receiving a number of communications from women around the world expressing their frustration about their alopecia condition and wanting help." Many of these women expressed that they felt that alopecia had taken away their beauty and that they felt "unattractive and ugly".

"We had just produced two videos raising public awareness about the importance of hair in our lives," said Garcia. "We want the general public to understand the sensitive nature of hair loss for those who suffer from it, but we also want those suffering from hair loss conditions like alopecia to be reminded that while hair is important, it certainly isn't everything."

According to the National Alopecia Foundation, alopecia is an autoimmune skin disease that results in the loss of hair both on the scalp and body, affecting approximately two percent of the population and almost 5 million people in the United States alone.'s Hair is Important video series are available for free viewing and download at as well as available for free syndication at YouTube and other major online video sharing services. Hair loss service providers who wish to assist in's efforts to raise public awareness of the sensitive nature of hair loss are being granted free license to embed the videos on their own informational or retail websites and blogs.