GoldMine Email Marketing Thrives with New IntelliClick® Email Validation Services

IntelliClick® tracking and web navigation software for GoldMine CRM, announces the addition of email validation services that detect and correct improperly formed email addresses.

Online PR News – 06-June-2012 – GLENVIEW, IL – IntelliClick®, the premier tracking and web navigation software for GoldMine CRM, announces the addition of email validation services to enhance the IntelliClick product offering.

IntelliClick for GoldMine CRM software (Corporate and Premium Edition) offers hyperlink and “one click” response tracking for GoldMine email marketing campaigns as well as website navigation tracking with “real time” integration for GoldMine CRM. Now IntelliClick includes email list integrity services to help its customers identify malformed addresses, append missing emails and verify opt-in emails before campaigns are sent.

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“With email marketing, your success is tied to the integrity of the list you are using. IntelliClick’s email verification service features a sophisticated, state-of-the-art syntax engine that detects email problems and even corrects them, said Steven Pearl, IntelliClick’s Director of Product Development. “The result is a more efficient email campaign with fewer bounce backs.”

The service is designed to identify format and syntax errors and then ensure that addresses use a valid top level domain. The validation service can also determine whether the domain of the email exists and confirm that the mailbox can receive email. The email append service takes the list of contacts that are missing an email and cross references that against lists to identify emails. Then a process to confirm opt-in is done to provide valid emails back to the customer.

“IntelliClick customers utilizing this email validation service are seeing a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of their GoldMine email marketing campaigns, thanks to the improved integrity of their email lists” said Pearl.

IntelliClick comes bundled with a powerful mass email merge engine known as IntelliSend, which is fully integrated with GoldMine Premium edition. IntelliSend effectively sends large GoldMine email campaigns and offers throttling capabilities that help users control send rate, date and time, template, subject line, groups and sender for each email campaign right from the GoldMine work station.

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