Earth Savers Institute Launches Eco Consultant Online Training Course

Educational Program Aimed at Educating And Building a Green Workforce

Online PR News – 26-February-2010 – – The Earth Savers Institute, a Florida-based eco education and certification firm, today announced the release of the “Build Your Eco Consulting Business” training course. The online course is intended to train individuals to become Certified Eco Consultants, and thereafter to deliver “Eco Consulting” services to businesses, organizations, colleges, K-12 schools, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Going Green Can Be Fun
The Earth Savers Institute calls their training style 'Eco Edutainment' because it incorporates interesting audios, easy-to-read text, amusing videos, many of which are animated or use stop motion techniques. A couple even use talking fruit and vegetables. “No one wants to be bored,” claims Earth Savers Institute founder, Scott Cardinal. “Certainly no one wants to pay to be bored. And there are more interesting topics to talk about in life than alternative fuels, recycling, and composting. We didn't want people falling asleep. We wanted this to fun. Going Green can be interesting. Eco can be fun.”

Instructors for the Earth Savers Institute include established Eco Consultants, Sustainability Specialists, Eco Entrepreneurs, Marketing Directors, Healthy Living Experts, Green Business Strategists, Environmental Activists, Eco-friendly Actors, and even a couple of Eco Comedians.

Responding To The Economy
No matter what size a business or organization, they want and need to keep an eye on their bottom line, cut costs, and save money whenever and wherever they can. Earth Savers Institute has trained eco-consultants across the U.S.A. who conduct Eco Action Audits and implement Green Change Plans for Businesses, Organizations, Schools, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals. As part of an Environmental Practice Assessment, a trained eco-consultant administers a 500+-point assessment that focuses on major categories, including Office Supplies, Energy Consumption, Reduce + Reuse + Recycle, Infrastructure & Construction, Vendors & Business Partners, and Corporate Kindness. Once a baseline is gathered, Eco Consultants produce a confidential customized findings report which identifies areas with the potential for positive environmental change and have the potential for return on investment. Further Consulting is then available to help implement the changes, establish a green supply chain, educate staff, and more.

Going Green Is Good Business
Studies have shown that many people prefer working with and for a company that cares about People and the Planet. Earning an Eco Certification helps motivate staff, increase the value of business, helps businesses, organizations, and schools become better steward of the environment, and will help slash a lot of costs and save money.

Businesses and Organizations do not have to own an organic market or manufacture eco-friendly products in order for them to be a “green company.” They simply need to be interested in being sustainable, creating a healthier working environment, not wasting resources, and adopting eco business practices. Every office could use an Eco Strategy that will be more than talking about relevant changes, which will be a lot more than adding recycling containers and changing light bulbs. Doing it the right way will impress and excite and inspire loyalty within companies or organization, the community, and with their supply chain, customers and clients.

A Green Career
Green careers are on the rise as more and more people are choosing that they want to go home at the end of the work week with more than just a paycheck. They want to make a difference. While becoming an eco-consultant requires commitment and energy, it doesn't require extensive prior knowledge.

 This career is unique in that it appeals to eco-conscious individuals, it allows for part time or full time commitments, there are no age or location restrictions, and eco consultants have the opportunity to thrive no matter where they are, while having a positive impact in their community and on the environment. Eco Consulting is one of the fastest growing business options today. The beauty of the Green industry is that it's in high demand and needs qualified people to help businesses, organizations, schools, hotels, hospitals, and more to reach their goals.

Jam-Packed Course Curriculum
The “Eco Consulting” course is actually a combination of three courses: Modules 1 – 22 is the “Going Green Basic Training.” It is designed for people coming into the program with no knowledge in green, earth-friendly products, services, and living, or want a refresher course.
 Modules 23 – 31 are Mandatory Courses for anyone interested in becoming an Eco Consultant, some of which end with quizzes that must be passed with a grade of 70% or more. This section of the course is called “Build An Eco Consulting Business.”
 Modules 32 – 38 is the “Skyrocket Your Eco Consulting Business Start Up Kit” with advertising and marketing materials to help students succeed. It includes dozens of professionally designed client handouts, worksheets, auditing guides, and marketing and promotional tools―all of which can be private-labeled with the Eco Consultant’s name and contact information. The Startup Kit also includes templates for placards and posters that Eco Consultants can display at homes or businesses that they have audited, which document that these structures have been “green-certified.” Because the course is 100% online, it can be completed in less than 30 days. Students will learn how to help clients go green, improve staff health and morale, save money, and increase profits, get a marketing edge, and generate favorable PR.

Scholarships Are Available
Thanks to a generous grant from an Earth Savers Institute supporter, ESI is offering a limited number of partial scholarships to take our Eco Certification Training Course. Priority will be given to: (1) ESI Graduates, (2) Individuals from underrepresented communities, (3) Invited guests of ESI graduates, (4) Individuals who have not received a scholarship for a previous ESI Course, and (6) Individuals in financial need.

About Earth Savers Institute
The Earth Savers Institute is the Official Training Affiliate of Green Earth Corporate Kindness Organization (GECKO), which is a 501(C) 3 (tax-exempt) non-profit corporation dedicated to helping businesses & non-profits become better stewards of the environment. GECKO is perhaps the only Non-Profit organization in the United States with the sole mandate of helping companies & non-profits improve their environmental practices. Their collective MISSION is to address the remarkable need for affordable environmental education & change assistance. For more information, email or visit